Ever find yourself really wishing you had more time to get ready for Christmas... December just seems to SNEAK up on you? Well, maybe we can make a difference... together!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whatcha been up to?

I hope you're doing a bit better than I....
Do you see little Santa over to the right???
Do you realize it is just 6 months and 5 days til Christmas REALLY counts?

(How many times must I say that????)...
You would think I could just kick it into high gear and get it together....
Every time I turn around ~ WAA-LAH! there is something else there just WAITING! and sometimes, not very patiently I will add.

Although the sun hasn't shown much the past few months...
and the rains just keep on coming....
I've been BUSY! Not sure just exactly with what...
well, that's not entirely true...
I had a "WILD HAIR" a while back and in my MIND it only took a couple days from start to finish... and yet... HERE. I. AM.... 5 weeks later... and STILL not done!  WHY IS THAT!?!?!  My magic wand losses it's power before the game even begins! I think I want a new one!
EXTREME MAKEOVER has been my focus!  I am really trying to get my house organized and get a place for EVERYTHING! (I will tell you - this is NOT a easy task... and it is NOT a very QUICK FIX task... and it for sure IS NOT a CLEAN task! .... WARNING: You WILL make a bigger mess before you even start! -now, fair warning has been given!) ... We decided to start with the downstairs bedrooms... ORGANIZE THEM RIGHT!  Well, with that organizing came AGONIZING dis-organized, dis-functional mess! Just empty 3 rooms and see what happens... it ends up EVERYWHERE! And I mean EVERYWHERE! .... but we are nearly done... yeah!!!! 

One thing that most people find "weird" about me is that every room has a theme.... BUT I try to make the "theme" colors flow... is that legal? ... hmmmm... And unfortunately, I've passed this along to my children... and now they get "crap" for it too... but it's all good!
So, keeping that in mind... here is what has happened in our "Extreme Makeover".... 

Bedroom 1 - Spare bedroom - theme "WILD BABY ANIMALS" ... 
(Pictures are on their way - so there are bare walls... but not for long.... 
Paint, carpet, bedspread, missing curtains (they are coming!), wall hangings... and a few more pillows... but it is coming along... hope to be done by Thursday! (guests are arriving!) 

 I just fell in LOVE with the Llama and Zebra at Kohls!
They were perfect for this room!
 Added the bookshelf from the hallway,
and loaded it with books for the young and old....
AND.... the best... an empty DRESSER for my GUESTS!

Bedroom #2:

Theme: PARIS

She LOVES it! 
A few more shelves to hang and some pictures
but... the lime green and purple are gone 
Paint...Paint and PAINT! 
mop boards, door trim, door knobs,
Carpet, curtains, bed, wall hangings!!! 
and WAH-LAH! 
We are almost there! 

Bedroom #3

These cute little jars are what started the INSPRIATION
BUT, what better for a "teen" room then good, happy, fun, inspiring and encouraging words?!?! 
So... that theme has trickled onto her mirror
(which I bought on KSL for $10, with a head & foot board...
but those projects are not yet complete... so be patient they will be coming!)

And then...
I took the theme to the "drop-down" ceiling (venting) 

Turned out a lot better than I thought it would... 
Kinda fun! 

Then we made her a "photo-board" out of a "foam-poster board".... 
Paint, Carpet, Mop boards,
door trim, door knobs,
bedspread, curtains, 
wall decorations...
and YEAH!!!
They LOVE their rooms! 
 And they are POOPED! 

It's such a great feeling!

Sad part... it has taken 12 years to get this far! 
Not one room downstairs has been FINISHED...
(so embarrassing to admit!)
Never finished the mop boards or door trim, never had door knobs or curtains.
Paint and carpet well... let's just say... it was just time to replace!
And... they've never really been decorated! 
BUT OH MY! Such a good feeling! 

Organized you ask?? 
Well, just from one room, we de-junked 15 bags (LARGE-BLACK GARBAGE BAGS) of clothes (GIRLS!), 3 bags (LARGE BLACK GARBAGE BAGS) of shoes, 4 bags (YEP! LARGE BLACK GARBAGE BAGS) of toys, stuffed animals, and such..... and then..... 4 VERY VERY VERY large BOXES filled with CRAP! GARBAGE!  AWH! Such a good feeling to be rid of! (I think we have about 4 more bags of garbage left to dump... and we'll be back on track and ready for the organizing of the "CRAFT ROOM!"..... YIKES!!!!!  Could be scary!  :)  BUT .... OH! SO! WORTH! IT!  I just can't wait!

Hoping to have the house all DE-CLUTTER - DE-JUNKED and ORGANIZED by the end of JUNE!!!! 
I have to get to my craft room soon!!!
I've got THINGS to do!!!