Ever find yourself really wishing you had more time to get ready for Christmas... December just seems to SNEAK up on you? Well, maybe we can make a difference... together!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

90 days.... OH MY!!!

BUT.... if you are pushing to really "ENJOY YOUR CHRISTMAS".... 
you only have 65 days until the FUN begins.... 

I've been checkin' my list the past few weeks - and TRYING really hard to ORGANIZE my thoughts... my ideas....my projects! I think I may need some meds or something... I can't seem to stay FOCUSED!  My projects are all about me... here and there... everywhere! (Not to mention that I just can't be content with what I HAVE to get done... I keep thinking about SOMETHING else that I can do and should do and want to do .... )  WAIT! Didn't I do something a while back about BUDGET!  Agh!  Guess I better go back and have a TUNE UP done!  AGH! 

So... this weekend... it is my WEEKEND! I'm going to gather and start my "complete" pile... my "finish" pile... and my START pile... ok - "START" ideas.... I'm afraid it is going to be a taunting task... but I must accomplish it! 

Here are a few things that I'm working on..... 

I have been crocheting "toppers" on dish towels for MONTHS! MONTHS I tell you! It has been a challenge to say the least! BUT I am proud to say - I am nearly there!!! I only have a few more to do - and then it will be WRAPPING time! I'm getting soooo excited!  I love WRAPPING about as much as I love CHRISTMAS!  I love to create "too pretty to open" packages!  I'm not much of a "sack" or "bag" lover... but yes... I will confess... I do fall into that "stuff it" mood every now and again... BUT NEVER FOR CHRISTMAS!  No Siree! :)  I have made about 8 sets of 12 towels (one for each month... with the exception of February and March... I'm having a hard time finding Valentines or St Patty's right now... not sure why... :) ) Then I have about 6 sets that are just seasonal (Winter,Spring, Summer & Fall) and still working on finishing my 30 December Towels.... BUT I'm almost there!  :)
Then I have another project.... Table runners... One for each month plus a BIRTHDAY one!  They are so dang cute (and easy....) Because IF you really know me... you KNOW I do not sew!  My philosophy has always been "If it ain't hot glued... I don't do it!" .... BUT... I think I have found that I really REALLY enjoy sewing... as long as it is straight lines only... (not that I sew straight... but there are no "curvey-curves" so it is a tad bit easier for me....(I would LOVE to post pics... but.... you know my sad, sad, sad, story.... : (  )

I also have a way EASY apron... and I've got several in the makings.... 
Then... there is my recipe book... it has been a WORK in progress for a couple years now - and I have decided that it is just time to be done!  It is getting SO SUPER big!  I was tired of having my favorite recipes all over the place ... so I've compliled all my FAV'S and made a book!  Even scrap-booked the "category" pages.... they've been done for over a year... just hadn't gotten the book completed... But I think - ready or not - it's ready!  It is time to take it to the printer and be done!  YEAH!!!! 

Next week I am focusing on finishing my towels, table runners and aprons... 
Getting my book printed ... then assembling the book..... 
So that next month I can concentrate on the next "stack"... 
And Novermber... well it will be about putting it all together... and I'm so excited! 

Let's see how I do! 

OH CRAP! I still have to get my "ADVENT" calendar done.... Better work on that one too nest week! 

How about you... how are things coming for you!?!?!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

90 days!!!! Can you believe it???!!!!

When I realized that we are on the DOWN HILL SLIDE :) I just got EXCITED!!!! I'm sooooo excited!! I just can't wait - (well, I can - because I LOVE - absolutely LOVE fall! - so I don't want to WISH fall away by any means....) but I am excited to see IF I really achieve my goal! .... Goal being.... to ENJOY this holiday season! To build NEW traditions with my growing family, to RE-ignite traditions that we have let SLIDE by because we simply were just TOO far behind, and to TRULY enjoy the TRUE meaning of Christmas! SO SUPER EXCITED!

But... for my DEEPEST apology..... the book STUFF! My fantabulous, amazing, monster, colored printer decided to take a hiatus along with my camera! DANG ELECTRONICS! So.... the packets have not been printed due to "not-retrieval" of printer.... BUT I just had a marvelous thought last night.... (I know, I know... sometimes the lights come on inside me.... amazing I know~ :)) ... but, if there is anyone out there that is wanting the "fillers" I have it "saved" (surprise) in my computer and I'd be happy to email the packet to you.... if interested.... and you can print them on your PRECIOUS printer that has not taken a hiatus! :) Just leave me a message (which will require authorization to post and I will not POST it with your email address showing... :) ) Sound good????

This month (well, the month of August) I have so far COMPLETED - YES COMPLETED! 14 almost 15 homemade gifts! (6 of them include 16 each and 4 of them have 6 each the rest are 2 each)... not too shabby.... my hand and elbow are feeling the "work".. but we'll survive!!!) It is so exciting to see my pile GROW!!!! I'm still behind... This month I am focusing on my "neighbor" gifts and the goal is to have them completed by end of September, as well as teacher gifts and the gifts for extended family members that we have drawn.... AND to have the materials needed to get my kids items ROLLING and to have them completed by the end of October! WOW!!! that is a lot! I better get busy!!!!

So... tell me.... what do you have done? How is your "shopping" list coming along? Are you nearing the end???? EWEWEWEW !!! So EX-CITED!!!!!

Well, gotta run.... lots to do.... but be sure to let me know if you would like a "SPECIAL DELIVERY" email from me... hee hee hee!!!! :)

Merry September!!!!!