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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

90 days!!!! Can you believe it???!!!!

When I realized that we are on the DOWN HILL SLIDE :) I just got EXCITED!!!! I'm sooooo excited!! I just can't wait - (well, I can - because I LOVE - absolutely LOVE fall! - so I don't want to WISH fall away by any means....) but I am excited to see IF I really achieve my goal! .... Goal being.... to ENJOY this holiday season! To build NEW traditions with my growing family, to RE-ignite traditions that we have let SLIDE by because we simply were just TOO far behind, and to TRULY enjoy the TRUE meaning of Christmas! SO SUPER EXCITED!

But... for my DEEPEST apology..... the book STUFF! My fantabulous, amazing, monster, colored printer decided to take a hiatus along with my camera! DANG ELECTRONICS! So.... the packets have not been printed due to "not-retrieval" of printer.... BUT I just had a marvelous thought last night.... (I know, I know... sometimes the lights come on inside me.... amazing I know~ :)) ... but, if there is anyone out there that is wanting the "fillers" I have it "saved" (surprise) in my computer and I'd be happy to email the packet to you.... if interested.... and you can print them on your PRECIOUS printer that has not taken a hiatus! :) Just leave me a message (which will require authorization to post and I will not POST it with your email address showing... :) ) Sound good????

This month (well, the month of August) I have so far COMPLETED - YES COMPLETED! 14 almost 15 homemade gifts! (6 of them include 16 each and 4 of them have 6 each the rest are 2 each)... not too shabby.... my hand and elbow are feeling the "work".. but we'll survive!!!) It is so exciting to see my pile GROW!!!! I'm still behind... This month I am focusing on my "neighbor" gifts and the goal is to have them completed by end of September, as well as teacher gifts and the gifts for extended family members that we have drawn.... AND to have the materials needed to get my kids items ROLLING and to have them completed by the end of October! WOW!!! that is a lot! I better get busy!!!!

So... tell me.... what do you have done? How is your "shopping" list coming along? Are you nearing the end???? EWEWEWEW !!! So EX-CITED!!!!!

Well, gotta run.... lots to do.... but be sure to let me know if you would like a "SPECIAL DELIVERY" email from me... hee hee hee!!!! :)

Merry September!!!!!

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