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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hobby Lobby Anyone?????

Can I just say life has been one whirl wind after another around here ~
 some days I'm not sure if I'm even standing upright! 
 I feel much like a revolving door lately ~ never really knowing when I'm suppose to step out for fear of getting stuck somewhere in between and getting "smooshed!"  But, I'm sure you ALL feel the same way... sometimes anyway... I hope... I'd hate to be all alone .... hmmmm... I'm going to tell myself that I'm not alone if that's OK.... 
All I can say is ~  I'm sure glad I started thinking Christmas on Dec. 27! And yet,  I'm still very concerned that I'm not going to meet my deadline date... that clock just seems to keep on tickin'... even when I take the batteries out!

And now back to my question.... 
Today, Saturday morning was to start out REALLY early ~ especially for a Saturday!  (but honestly, between you and I, I would rather start early then spend the day "sleepin' it away - no matter HOW tired I THINK I am!) I set my alarm for 6 am ~ because I didn't want to forget to pick up my Bountiful Basket at 7:00 am - (This is a PLUG IN.....have you ever tried the Bountiful Basket Food Co-op?~Take a look at it here, and see if it is in your area ~ AMAZING! That is all I can say... AMAZING! SO, SO WORTH IT!) Anyway... after that I had several places I needed to run and makes some returns/exchanges, go grocery shopping, clean the house, pull weeds, mow the lawn, WASH my car...and all by 4:00 (should I be worried that I'm exhausted just typing it?... it's no wonder I didn't get it all accomplished - sheesh!)  Well, my youngest wanted to go with me to pick up the food basket so she made me promise I would wake her up early to go... so I did. It honestly took all of 10 minutes to pick up and get back home - can't do that at the store! SO EASY!  Anyway on our way home this was our conversation.... (now remember she is 9 years old - not 30!) "Mom do you think that we could go to Hobby Lobby today?"  "For what?"  "Oh, just to look around and you know, get some ideas... I think my room is ready for a makeover.  Do you know how long it's been since I've been there?  I think I need a Hobby Lobby run today... So, what do you think? Can we go mom?".... (long pause because I'm trying not to loose it in laughter as she is talking to me in her 30 year old voice, legs crossed on the seat in the car and of course she has the hand motions to go with it....) ..... and then she adds in her little "teasy-snide bribery voice".... "They might have Christmas decorations out...."  and she is smiling ear to ear!  OH MY HEART BEAT!!! I think I've created a MINI-ME!!!!  

Well, needless to say,  after all the errands that HAD to be done were done - she was BORED and just wanted to come home! LOL.... I guess she isn't 100% converted! 

I just thought I would check in and see how everyone is doing on their Christmas planning... project making and such.  If you haven't started - it isn't too late yet!  If you need a jump start or a "RE-LIGHT" - maybe this will help!  Coming up, very soon!  .... I'll be doing "CHRISTMAS IN JULY!" posts, so.... get a move on it ~ get your projects going and be sure to take pictures ~ I'll take entries July 1-15 and then spotlight them the 16th - 31st - this way we can ALL get some AMAZING ideas to help get us on the right track.... who knows ~ maybe even beat HOBBY LOBBY to the Christmas Decorations!  Wouldn't that be fun!!!  :)  (There will be lots of different categories too - decorations, cards, neighbor gifts, inexpensive gifts, gifts for him, gifts for her, family gifts, etc.... lots of ideas I'm hoping to gather! )..... 


On your MARKS....



Get creative!!!!  
Together ~ we'll make Christmas COUNT!  

I'm getting SO SUPER excited!!!! Are YOU!?!?!

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  1. Hello! I Love your enthusiasm for Christmas! Yes I would love to visit Hobby Lobby--LOVE that store!

    Thank you so much for visiting! You brightened my day!I love to hear you are inspired and I love your cute Christmas blog! You inspire me!

    Hope you have a great day! Thanks again, come along and visit anytime. I'm your newest follower! It's wonderful to see posts for Christmas in July! It's a great time to think about Christmas!

    Thanks again!
    Love, Brenda
    Seasons Of Joy


It's like CHRISTMAS everyday when I unwrap your kind words! I just LOVE getting secret messages!!! I really have the BEST bloggy friends ever!