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Monday, March 1, 2010

Month 9.... OH MY!

My oh my!! How time flies so QUICKLY!!!
I must say.... can you believe it is MARCH already???
I really, really REALLY meant to post this MUCH MUCH sooner... but FEBRUARY just RAN past me! I simply can not allow this to happen any more! Christmas will be here before you know it at this pace!

So.... I had come up with a theme for each month... I think I jumped the gun a little too quickly with my WILD idea to make this CHRISTMAS better than in the past... (especially this LAST year! agh!) and thus... I OVERWHELMED myself in FEBRUARY!!! SILLY!!! So... here is (or was) the plan for February.... I'm a tad behind... but I'll catch up!

February... "GRRR month"..... I know... It should be "BRRR" month... but I just couldn't get the acronym for the "B" ... (but if you have ANY ideas - I'd love to hear them - and it could possibly change!) For now.... "GRRR!"

G - Gather
R - Repair
R - Replace
R - Replenish

Gather: Gather all the misc Christmas items that just drove you crazy! this year.... stockings, decorations, ornaments, lights, wrapping paper, cards, tags etc.
Now.. the rest - pretty expanitory... REPAIR, REPLACE or REPLISH the items....
February is a good month do to this in - as you can find "clearance" items most anywhere... (and I apologize that this is a tad bit tardy...) BUT hopefully - you were right on the ball and your a few steps ahead of me....

Be sure to get "totes" or "bins" to organize your "stuff" in... Like all that wrapping paper, tags, bags, bows and such... that is one thing that just really drives me crazy! IT IS EVERYWHERE except WHERE I want it to be WHEN I need it.... GRRR! :) But now... I'll be prepared!

I found this really amazing container place on the internet... check it out here! What great ideas and items.... but my brain is now going 100 miles a minute! I'm going to try and figure out a way to make a "shoe organizer" work (because I found some at the dollar store... for like a DOLLAR! :)) and I think I can make it work and hang them (or tack them) to the wall in my storage room so that I know where it is at all times.... the only problem would be keeping the GIRLS out of it!!! But hey! I'm thinking I can make it work..... even the smaller size bags that are used for "travel" kits... maybe those would be great for cards and tags, tape and such... oh... the possibilities!

Just a little FYI - maybe helpful - maybe not - but here it goes....
I have purchased a couple new "totes" to help get my act in gear!
Inside the totes I have taped 2 large envelopes (if I had a camera - I'd show you...)
You know the large gold clasping envelopes....
I taped them so that I can clasp them shut still, but in one envelope I've put "receipts" (this is for the gifts that I'll be purchasing through the next 8 months for "Christmas) and in the other envelope I will be putting "GIFT CARDS" - this will come in VERY handy - as most of the gifts I "GIVE" to extended family are homemade - I'll be purchasing gift cards to places like "ROBERTS" "JOANNS" "HOBBY LOBBY" etc....
The tote is to PLACE the purchased gifts into :)
Also, I have slid into the "Gift Card" envelope a list of the items I have purchased listing "who" it is for.... I tend to forget.... I also will be keeping a copy in my "book"....

So, off to my behind month of GRRR I go! And I'll be back soon with my theme for MARCH MADNESS! Are you ready?

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