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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bells are ringing....

I just can't seem to SHAKE the ringing in my head... I wish I could truly say it was from the THOUGHTS of Christmas... but I'm afraid it is a dang head cold and it is just kickin' my behind! (or my head actually).... Then to top it off I have a darn tooth that broke, so the added pressure from the sinuses are not helping the "toothache" issue much at all... oh well... I'm sure that Santa is just not going to CARE at all what my excuses are....So, I must press forward!

As I was finishing my recipe books for Christmas last year, I discovered that I had a TON of STUFF on my computer.... it was just all over the place... so hard to find what I was looking for.... so, this past weekend as I was trying to clean up my computer.... organize it... you know put stuff that belongs together - TOGETHER.... I had a LIGHT BULB pop on! (I know - surprising) ... I discovered that I had some pretty fun ideas lurking around in there.... some I've had for years and lost them! I decided it was time to ORGANIZE THEM... in a place that I would FIND them .... so as I put the items together in FOLDERS on my computer, THEN....I had another "WILD HAIR" Why not put them into a BOOK!! I know - what a novel idea! That way - I could FINGER through my book! :) I made dividers for my book by holidays, home decor, outdoor decor, Junk to Treasures ideas, Party Ideas, Entertainment, Baking/Candy, Ideas for Neighbor/Teacher/Friend, Christmas short stoires and of course GIFT IDEAS! ... Oh so fun! I was so excited to take my cute little "jump drive" to MR. Kinkos and print it all out... THEN, I made another binder that is titled CHRISTMAS 2011 - I have my handy dandy 2011 Christmas List right in the front and then I will pull the items that I want from by GIFT IDEA section to my GIFT GIVING section... my Baking/Candy section to my Holiday Baking for 2011 etc.... NOW, I know exactly WHAT and WHO I need to make gifts for.... I also made an agenda for each month.... this way I can go to that section of my BIG book and pull what I want out and place in my 2011 book. I also made a section for Christmas past - so that I can remember just what I gave to whom.... sometimes I get the same person a couple times in a row - I'm sure they are getting sick of it - and would LOVE to have someone else have their name (I'm so sorry) .... and because I'm not getting any younger and it seems my family keeps growing - my brain just needs a little extra help - the storage tends to run on overload much like my computer and then I think it just chooses to "delete" files without my permission.... so I felt it best to have a back up... just in case. :)

I know that this was NOT on my "TO DO" list... but it feels OH SO GOOD to have it done! NOW maybe I can concentrate on the REAL BELLS!!!

This month: 

So excited to get started! 
So excited to get them done! 
It's snowing tonight and it just makes me feel like CHRISTMAS!!! 

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  1. wow...you are amazing. I do have my Christmas shopping money already put away for next year but that is it. You really have a plan!!


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