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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Confessions..... (and a NEW BLOG!)

I can't believe that "I".... the QUEEN of "If it ain't hot glued, I don't do it" land, is even about to admit this....

Remember.... I'm the mom of 4 girls and 1 boy!
(should sew.... but don't... didn't....hmmmm)
I'll never forget the first year that my son was on the ALL STAR Little League Baseball team... They handed out patches to be sewn on their uniforms.... and now that I look back I guess my face gave it all away (but at the time I was rather HURT at what took place) .... One of the other moms came over to me and said, "Let me take J's jersey home, I'll sew his patches on for you, because "hot glue" will not hold up in this heat."
I let her take his shirt.

OR.... maybe it was the time when I "wonder-undered" his TROOP numbers and other badges on his scout shirt, (HEY! we were changing troops faster than I could even wash the dang shirt!... just sayin) and they slowly, one by one, fell off during the awards night.... J was a bit embarrassed... BUT HEY! They were NOT hot glued! (in my defense!) I came home and I learned how to sew them on.... ok, I KNEW how to sew them on, I just didn't have time... I'm a busy full time working mom! SHEESH! PEOPLE!!! I KNOW that needles and thread exist! :)

OK.... back to my confession...or my next confession in this case.....

I'm in LOVE.....

I have a FABRIC fetish!
I SPEND hours... OK! I COULD spend HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS just wondering through a fabric store .... dreaming... dreaming.... dreaming..... and purchasing too! (SHHHH please don't tell on me!) Well, IF you did - anyone that KNOWS me would NOT believe you anyway - so go ahead - take a chance.... they'll just laugh at you.... and then I'm afraid I might have to laugh with them... because REALLY! REALLY! ME! SEW!?!?!?!


BUT.... I have a few places I DREAM at... and I just HOPE and PRAY that someday... SOMEDAY something will CLICK for me and I'll be able to CREATE something that is of little value... and NOT hot glued!

So.... I'm going to share a secret... It's a NEW blog... and OH MY GOODNESS it is AWESOME!!! And.... I THINK ;) that they are having a GIVEAWAY... but don't bother to enter.... I'm sure they already picked me :) (hee hee hee, crossing fingers....DREAMING AGAIN!) .... but go ahead... take a look.... You will be AMAZED!!!!

HURRY!.... The blog title is "SEW" me right now..... :)
(Sew a little happiness.....)
well, maybe not the HAPPINESS to others...
but happiness to MY sew-l .....

And... maybe in the next day or two or more... I'll be brave enough to post a picture of my FETISH.... it's getting OUT OF HAND.... and I LOVE IT!!!! I mean... I'm confused.... :)


  1. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who doesn't enjoy sewing! I wish I could be bothered but I just can't stay focussed for long enough!

    Thanks for the tip about the other blog too!

    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks so much for posting about Sew A little Happiness! We appreciate you! I can relate to the glue gun, there was a time when that seemed like the most likely thing to do!(lol)
    Your post is great, thanks! Best of luck to you! Have a great weekend!
    Love, Brenda

  3. I can't sew a button on! But good for you for giving it a shot! I will happily accept any of your creations...LOL

    Have fun, go wild and if I see you in the fabric store I will walk by and pretend I don't know you ;)


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