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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Someone's junk....

Became MY treasure! 

Last year.... ok nearly 16 months ago... I ventured out on my first ever GARAGE "TREASURE" HOPPING! sale.  A dear friend of mine ... (Miss TAMMYof PINK OWL DESIGNS) helped guide me along, barter and SCORE some great deals!  BUT.... as life would have it - I just didn't ever get the opportunity to "dive" into someone's junk to make my treasure.... until today..... 

I puchased 2 of the these BEAUTIES for $5.00!!! 
Sure it cost about $7.50 to paint and $6 for the cushion.... 
BUT they are cast iron

Heavy and they will work PERFECT on our patio! 

The next project 
(I almost forgot to get a BEFORE picture!) 
This was actually a DUMPSTER save! 
It's been sitting in my back yard for about 3 or 4 years.... 

 NOW!! She has earned a seat on the front porch.... don't you just love it!?!?! 
It's not quite done... I want to either turn it into a "planter box" 
(by cutting 2 large circles in the seat and putting potted flowers in.... 
Or.... just a couple pillow.... maybe a garland of some sort ...
I've got time to "ponder' on it...don't I???? 

Now this was not "junk to treasure" treasure...
it was a purchase! 
I have been admiring this for MONTHS I tell you! 
And today.... I found it on clearance and decided 
"HECK YEAH!!! I'm worth a "treat!"

For now it has earned a spot on the front court-yard patio....
but HOPEFULLY in the next month or so 
It will be in the back sitting on the cute little 
:BREAKFAST table....

(Have I mentioned just how excited I am to have access to our backyard!?!?!)

If I haven't....

I am

I found me some matching rockers! for just $5 bucks!!!
That from the looks of them, they have seen better days...
Sure... we have a little work to do... but you get the idea..
SO.... stay tuned for the ROCKER Unveiling! 
 I was just TOO pooped today to finish!

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  1. Wow, you sure know how to spot a bargain! Those chairs would be worth so much now that you've done them up so well. Good on you!

    Now you've caught the bug I'll be interested to see what other goodies you find!

    Best wishes,


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