Ever find yourself really wishing you had more time to get ready for Christmas... December just seems to SNEAK up on you? Well, maybe we can make a difference... together!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Counting down.... 10! (weeks that is!)

Well, it is time to pull them out... blow off the dust and LET'S GO!

With just 10 weeks to go - it's time we get down to business... Now, if you are already there - GOOD FOR YOU!!!! WAY TO GO!!!! You are just AWESOME!!!!!! well... heck - if you aren't even there - you're still amazing and awesome!  I mean... who else is worried about Christmas with 10 weeks left???? I promise we are a few steps ahead of the majority of others around us!

Just for fun - I post countdowns every now and again on my face book page ... and honestly, I ruffle a few feathers! I've been called a few... shall we say... not so pleasant names... and I've been told a time or two to SHUT UP!  ...I mean,  be quiet .... but it is all OK! FINE AND DANDY! Because ... when they are all running around like wild chickens missing their heads and frustrated because they can't find what they want... stressed to the gills.... pay WAY more then they should for those "special gifts"... IF they can even find them.... fighting for parking spaces in a major snow blizzard....freezing their little TOOSHIES off..... and WISHING the season to "get over with".... I'll be sitting in my warm house.... watching it snow from the comfort of my soft couch..... sipping on some hot chocolate.... singing Christmas carols with my children... or reading stories... or watching movies..... having the TIME OF MY LIFE..... They will be wishing that they heeded the "countdown warnings...."  so, go ahead - if you have fallen a little behind (such as I) it's ok - we're still gonna make it count - every single minute!  I promise!!!! 

Are you ready????   BRING ON WEEK 10!

During this week, it is just a matter of gathering everything up and getting it all organized and in one location.... I've been purchasing Christmas gifts all year long - and they are ALL over the place!  I just discovered cute little VALENTINE outfits I purchased for the grandbabies... I completely forgot about them!  OOPS! I can tell it is time to get organized in every direction for me! ... but back to Christmas!

Things to do this week:

Be sure to pull out your cute little CHRISTMAS NOTEBOOK!!! 

You'll be so glad you did! 

  • Make the promise! Spend 15 minutes each day this week to get organized for Christmas.
  • Get comfortable for holiday planning--create a Christmas project center in your home. A place that is allocated for just CHRISTMAS!  In the next few weeks, we'll be doing some "PURCHASING" of necessities so you will want to have a "safe" place for such items - that way when it is time to WRAP IT ALL UP - you know just where it all is!  Oh this is going to be fun!
  • Set up your Christmas Planner  (this is an amazing website- browse around and print the pages that best fit your needs - be sure to place them in a notebook or three-ring binder.Keep them ORGANIZED!
  • Begin (if you haven't already) your Christmas card list. Locate addresses,purchase stamps (or at least one fifth of what you will need), decide on the "type" of card you are going to do, make list of what needs to be done to make your card complete. (photo sessions, homemade card supplies etc.)
  • Make an appointment for family photo sessions for holiday giving or photo Christmas cards.
  • Schedule carpet cleaning now! As the holidays approach, business picks up. Call now for your choice of appointment times. (This seems to be the LAST thing on my list EVERY year, and I STRESS all month about not having CLEAN carpets... so that is why it is on my week 10 list!  It's going to happen this year!)
  • Review your CHRISTMAS gift list - check off things that have changed, are already taken care of etc. Reprint your list (if your like me - I get tooooo confused when there are toooo many scribbles ... I prefer a clean slate!... and you KNOW you're going to have some scribbles...) 
  • Plan your menu for the month of December, be sure to include those special treats and extra functions, parties, gatherings etc... 
  • Make a grocery list for December, and keep it close, so that during the upcoming weeks, you can watch the ads and get the best deal for the items that you need.  I like to put the items that I purchase in a large tote bin marked DECEMBER MEALS and another one marked DECEMBER BAKING - and I keep my master list in my purse, so when I'm out and about if I should find a "DEAL" I can cross it off and immediately put it in the tote when I get home... before some little meeces'  gobble them up! (If I put it in the pantry, they think it is fair game... but in my tote - they know HANDS OFF!) :) 
  • Hopefully, you made your "decorations" list as you put away Christmas last year... but if not... it is that time when the holiday decorations are being brought out - and perhaps now, (as you are looking for your Halloween items) you can do a quick inventory on your Christmas decorations as well.... Update your list... or make a new one.
  • Review your NEIGHBOR GIFTS list, teachers, kids friends, co-workers etc. list....  Make any adjustments needed and then prepare the list for items needed to complete those items. (Yes, I have another tote marked "Neighbor/Friend Gifts".... because, remember.... I purchased my neighbor gifts the day after Christmas last year... and HEAVEN knows... If I didn't have them in a tote, I SURELY would not know where they are!  It comes in quite handy to have the totes all made up - now, I just need to find a "storage" place for them that looks NEAT! So I LOOK organized! awh... wouldn't that be nice! 
  • Make your cleaning schedule.... I know, I know... really!?!? BUT... this is ALWAYS something that REALLY stresses me out - and this year I have made it VERY VERY clear with my family - that they WILL be helping with the FALL deep cleaning! There are no IFS or BUTS about it!  It is MANDATORY! Especially, if they want a JOLLY HAPPY MOM this holiday season! :) 

Well... I think that should give us PLENTY to do this next 7 days!  Don't you think!?!?!  If I missed something... please PLEASE let me know!  My brain is feeling a little over-loaded.... 
at the same time!

Christmas is coming!!!! 
Can't you just hear those bells....

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