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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I went and did the unexpected...

I know that this will come as a MIGHTY BIG shock to you all.....

ESPECIALLY after this post.... you know... the one where I was admitting my OCD-ness with the tree and ornaments...  WELL... I did just what ever other OCD-Ornament crasher would do.... I signed up to do a ORNAMENT exchange.... (GASP - BIG GASP! I heard it!!!!)  I know... I know.... WHAT WAS I THINKING?????  Well, I will TELL you what I was thinking.... 

I was thinking..... 
This will be REALLY fun.... 
I'll get some ornaments from some VERY talented people! 
...and I LOVE seeing and sharing the talents of others!!!!  
(it kinda makes me jealous too... but someday I hope to have TALENT and what a better way to GRASP some.. then to RECEIVE some ... RIGHT!?!?!) 
.... honestly... that's about all I was thinking at the time...  I didn't think about "what I would do with them..."
But HAVE NO FEAR!!! I found something to do with them!!!! It will follow in another post.... but for now... Let me share some TALENTS with you!!!! 

I had NO IDEA that I would absolutely FALL in love with EVERY... STINKIN' (meant in a LOVING CUTE way!) .... ORNAMENT! 
That I would just HAVE to find the PERFECT spot for all these new ornaments.... 

Wanna peak?????   I know you do....

First of all... I have to say.... I just admire ALL of these WONDERFUL TALENTED people! .... AND.... especially people that can do this! 
I can NOT!  I know.... CRAZY!!!  My mom has tried for YEARS to help me.... I'm pretty much useless!   My hand goes soooooo numb... and then the EYES go BuGgggGGY.... and THEN.... it gets a little free AIR SAILIN ride.... (I know... I'm pretty patient :))  Aren't they so cute!  Now I just need to find some little pictures of my little people! Then they will be SET!

 She must have known my LOVE for OWLS!!!  He will have a place in my office... 
ALL .... YEAR....... LONG!!!!!!

 Aren't these soooo cute!  
I really love the "HAT".... makes me want to find a little someone to put it on... :)
 And this little guy.... Don't ya just wanna SQUEEZE him???? 
 I placed this on a blue block... because it wasn't showing up... and darn it all... with all the FRAGILE stamps on the package... wouldn't you know it ... it was broken... but I did my best by trying to "HOT GLUE IT"....because remember my motto... "If it ain't hot glued... I don't do!!!"  I would love to learn to make these! It is absolutely beautiful!
And oh my!  Isn't this just adorable???? 
Seriously.... how do people THINK of these things????  
 And then.... MELT MY HEART!!! 
I have a SNOWMAN fettish! BAD! 
(I seem to have a LOT of fettish's... hmmmm) 
Anyway.... How can you NOT love a SNOWMAN??
 And she even sent cards.... 
She was one BUSY gal!  OH MY!!! CUTENESS!!!
 I just LOVE how the snowman grows when he gets opened...
And pull the "HAT" out for a message.... HEART BE STILL!!!!
 And then....
Can I just tell you I ENVY such people! ALL OF THEM... 
But this little CLAY Peacock.... 
(I have tried and TRIED to make sculpty clay things.... They ain't so adorable... even the garbage can runs from them....  Sad! I know...)
I have to protect him from the little ones... 
They just want to pack him around and love on him.... 
Can't say I blame them... he is just TOO CUTE!!! 

I'm so very impressed! 
And... How can I POSSIBLY stick them in a ORNAMENT SAFE BOX???? 
I CAN'T!!! 
I had to find something to do with them....
I'm so proud of myself! :) 
I'll post about it later... 
BECAUSE.... I've gotta get some SHUT EYE! 
I think I heard a FLUFFY WHITE thing calling me....

But I wanted to share!

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  1. Hi lovely lady.
    I see you have been having a lot of fun on your lovely Blog good for you... I love the Christmas
    Holidays so much Talented going on all the post from some great Blogs. So happy you are having so much fun !!! I hope you and your family have a Wonderful Christmas. Hope you come see me.
    XXOO Diane


It's like CHRISTMAS everyday when I unwrap your kind words! I just LOVE getting secret messages!!! I really have the BEST bloggy friends ever!