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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I completely forgot to post the prize for the GIVEAWAY #4!!! (my bad)..... 

It's been a bit CraZy around here... I seem to keep saying that don't I???? Well shoot!!!!  

Anywho.... Giveaway #4 had 4 winners! And I hope they have received their prizes... and that they were in one piece.... and that they will find some use for them.... because ... as you might have guessed... an appropriate prize for that giveaway just had to be a ORNAMENT!!!!  :)  I hope that they find a place in your home, or a gift package - or the drawer... :)  

Thanks again to those that entered GIVEAWAY #4!!!! 
It was so fun to have SOOOO many enter that giveaway! The best thus far!!!!  
And I had a BLAST making them! 

Mrs Prince, Hillcresthome Prims, Steph and JCWEGA27 ... just let me know when you receive them... It was a CRAZY day at the postoffice too!!!  


Mr & Mrs Ginger-breadly have run away from here....
so let me know if you catch them!

I kinda have a "fettish" for them as well.... mmmmmm!!! 
I really enjoy painting... it felt SO SO good to be able to dive into paint again.... and of course cutting the wood.... well... that is ALWAYS a treat!(Although I prefer cutting in WARMER weather... I love watching a ugly piece of wood come to life!)   Well....they aren't much, but hopefully they will find a warm place in your heart home...


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