Ever find yourself really wishing you had more time to get ready for Christmas... December just seems to SNEAK up on you? Well, maybe we can make a difference... together!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just WHERE have you been!?!?!.....

Ok - really - it's more like WHERE HAVE I BEEN!?!?!?

Well.... I honestly don't know where I have been.  SAD.  Here it is - the end of August and I have no idea where the heck the year has gone already!  It's just crazy! I've had a few things on my mind
(and yes! Christmas is right at the top of my list....
but followed very quickly in its footsteps a wedding is right there as well!)
What is a gal to do!?!?  

Remember my last post - and I was determined to have my Christmas done by some only-known-to-me date because my Mr. ALWAYS seems to throw a curve ball at me....especially if he knows! :)  So, in my little CHRISTMAS book, I wrote my new dead line and told NO-ONE! Absolutely NO-ONE!  And guess what happened!  Just a few days after writing my date down, my daughter got engaged.... Now, you probably think that that is no big deal.... WELL! It is!  My new deadline was Sept. 30, 2013.. guess who decided to get married in SEPTEMBER!!! YEP!!! Now.... see the issue.... I just can't win. Plain and simple... I can't win.
So here I am.... planning a wedding, stressing over Christmas and time is FLYING right on by.... but don't you worry - the wedding date was changed.... wanna guess to when????
AGH! HONESTLY!  What are they trying to do to me..... I give up. I do. Give up!  Throw in the towel now! I just can't win for trying.... :)  

So, I guess Christmas will be Dec. 24, 2013 - let's see how that works for me.

On one hand - it lightens the load....
It shortens my "at home children" list because now....
She is in the "married" category -
Which means HER MR.gets to worry about that :)
(it is still sad for me... I love my CHILDREN home for CHRISTMAS! why do they have to grow up!?!?) 
But, Santa has one less name on his list. 
the best thing about this situation.....
I already know what we are doing for the "marrieds"! 
So that will make it easy! well... easier.....
It's still very stressful because I feel the panic setting in already -
OH - and it's our 30 year wedding anniversary in there too!

I really wanted to do something special this year -
ESPECIALLY since we spent last year in the hospital,
waiting for my Mr. to be taken off of life support....
I wanted this year to be less stressful and do something fun....
BUT-  Here I am MRS. STRESS!

I have my list...
well, I have MANY lists!
All in my little book that goes everywhere with me-
so I don't over spend in any category!
I feel like that is all I'm doing anymore...
Tucking a penny here and there to pay for this and that...
I always have such high hopes as I "survive" one month thinking,
Next month I won't have this bill, that bill, this expense... etc.
only to find that the next month holds many more this and thats!

So where am I going....
One day at a time....
One project at a time....
Right now - I'm checking the wedding list
making sure all is ordered that needs to be -
all the appointments are made and people are scheduled
Deadline: Sept. 15
Then, hopefully I can spend the next month doing Christmas
before jumping off to the final month preps for wedding again!

Wishing my Christmas shopping and gift making and such is complete by Oct. 15
Here we go!!!

Christmas is on the count down!
Just 118 days!


  1. Now it sounds as though you really have your work cut out for you!! Yes, things never seem to go as first planned, but somehow it always seems to work out....because we have worked our butts off getting things done!! :) Good luck!

  2. Oh Congrats on the wedding! How exciting for your family! I too hope to have a autumn or winter wedding when the day comes.
    I cant wait for the season when the blogging community amps it up again! YAY!
    Congrats to your Daughter :)


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