Ever find yourself really wishing you had more time to get ready for Christmas... December just seems to SNEAK up on you? Well, maybe we can make a difference... together!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

January... here we go!

First things first...
I purchased a planner! I'm so excited!
(I used my dessert contest winnings for my new-cute little planner) 
and I am so anxious to put it to the test! :)

I have officially decided that JANUARY is my GET ORGANIZED month!
As I was taking down and putting Christmas away this year (which was much later than I usually do, but I just simply was "pooped" and had no energy to do it any sooner).... I ended up creating a tad bit more work for myself than I wanted - but in the end - I think come Christmas - it will be so worth it!

I cleaned out and organized EVERY Holiday bin I have.... even had to purchase a couple new ones (Lowes had them buy one get one free - DEAL!).... I even managed to hit a GREAT clearance sale at Walmart on New Years Eve - that I just couldn't pass up - (I know... I shouldn't - but I did.... (I used my birthday money - it's all good! - it is something I really wanted!)  After tossing broken holiday decorations and such - I needed to replace a lot.. and what better way than to do it at 75% off!?!?! DEAL!!!!

I spent just $46.04 and purchased a hundred or more ornaments, 16 battery operated candles, 2 sets of a 2&3 foot trees (one for each of the girls to put in their bedrooms), and saved over $175.00.... not that I would REALLY have saved that - because I would NEVER have spent it at the original price in the first place (if that makes any sense!) .... but with what I purchased, I will be able to decorate 3 full size trees and 3 small bedroom trees! I'm so excited! I was SOOOO happy!!!

Then, I decided it was time to start working on my planner... the ORGANIZING of oneself....can be TRICKY! Especially for me, when I can't seem to stay FOCUSED very long in one area... I get side tracked SOOOO easily!  (I think I have decided where my son gets his A.D.D. from.... :) )

So... here goes.... this is what my LIST consists of so far....
I will be focusing on 3-4 of these items every month... 
If anyone cares to join me.... :) 
Or of course - make your own list ... 
then join me!

1-Make sure we take time each day to focus on the REAL meaning of Christmas
(this may be through scripture study, or stories, music etc.)
2-Spend QUALITY time with the family
3-Make time to serve others
4-Plan a holiday budget - not just on gifts - but on EVERYTHING
      a-family gifts
      b-food / entertainment
      c-friend / neighbor gifts
      d-decorations / music
      e-extended family gifts
      f-cards / wrapping / etc.
5-Make decoration plan for inside and out - budget if needed
6-Create gift list - supplies needed to make them / items needed to purchase
7-Update Christmas card list
8-Purchase stamps / gift bags / wrapping paper / tape / ribbon
9-Sign & mail Christmas cards - set a dead line - and STICK to it!  (this is one of the hardest things for me! I have a drawer filled with cards from years past - that NEVER made it to the mailbox...because of one missing thing... the STAMP! I never seem to have $$ by the time I get around to mailing them... so I'm going to determine how many stamps I need and then see how many "books" it will take - then purchase that many between now and October!)
10-Plan Christmas Parties (I really want to get back to having the get-togethers that we use to do! I really miss not having any parties to attend during the month - I've decided that those PARTIES just help me to "feel" the Christmas spirit!..and it makes the month enjoyable too!)
11-Schedule some time off of work - TAKE SOME TIME OFF WORK!
12-Set "pre-trial" deadline for gifts to be done
13-Set "FINAL" deadline for gifts to be done! and STICK to it!
14-Purchased Gifts must be purchased by Sept 30 2011 -
15-Purchase Supplies needed for any gifts by end of JULY
16-Set "ALL WRAPPED UP" deadline date - and stick to it!
17-Plan holiday meals
18-Shop for holiday meals & baking items
19-Set aside Christmas baking days - starting in Oct.
20-House Cleaning -
     a-set deadline dates for "MAJOR" decluttering, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning
     b-prepare a "daily holdiay" chore list - start it in Sept. to get everyone in the habit and stick to it!
21-Review advent calendar activities - make changes - get calendar prepared.
22-Plan festivities for December (dates and guest lists etc) 

So far... that is all I can think of ... but I'm sure that there will be more to come!  :)  But... with that in mind... I've designated JANUARY to be my CHRISTMAS ORGANIZE MONTH!

So, as I was putting away and throwing away things - I made a list of the things that I need to "finish" getting organized in the decorating department....

(I know it seems a bit ODD to do it right now, but honestly - it is a good time for me because I have my list for 1 and for 2 - it is FRESH in my mind what I need - and want! so I think it is a great month to organize my decorations!)
*Make ornaments for the FRONT ROOM TREE (I will be crocheting "snowflakes" then dipping in sugar water to stiffen them and sprinkling with fine glitter...)
*Make 3 tree skirts  (at least 2 for sure - I have one - but it isn't my FAVORITE!)
*Make Christmas Stockings for everyone! 
*Organize my "BOOK CHRISTMAS IDEAS" so I can go through and PICK what I want to do this year for gifts, decorations and such..... 
*Make at least 3 items (this month)  for "inside or outside" decorations....(I really am in need of some UP TO DATE decorations!)  

Anyone have any wonderful IDEAS they would like to share with me???

Well - that's it for January.... 
OH - of course the "GOALS" to the right as well...

I'm thinking I'm crazy... but we'll see how we do.... 
I really have NOTHING going on this month! 
So I should be able to ACCOMPLISH most if not all of this! 



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