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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it!  Another year has just whipped right on by....  I swear it just gets faster and faster every year.... must be because I'm getting older... I just don't know.... everything seems to just "WHIP" right by and I find myself dizzy, confused, delirious, and just plain exhausted..... age right? I'm going with that.... 

Well, I started this blog nearly a year ago - in hopes to keep me focused, organized and to have a much better, more enjoyable, more meaningful Christmas season than I had the previous year.  And although it wasn't exactly "PERFECT" - as "PERFECT" as my HEAD had created... it was better... a little more enjoyable... and a little more meaningful....but also, left lots of room for improvement!  I'm giving myself a C- this year... much better than a D- from last year! (and that is being generous!)

I'm starting this year off on about the same foot as I did last... so, who is in with me? I'm sure that most of you (if not ALL of you) did much better and probably passed the class with flying "A"s... but come on - a girl has got to have some buddies... a support system... right?  So, who will join me - who will coach me - who will step in and SAVE Christmas for me if I mess it up again??? .... Just kidding - you don't have to jump in and SAVE it for me... just pick me up and drop kick me ... that's all I ask... Sometimes it takes a bit to get these old muscles and bones moving again - I promise~it won't hurt... (I have much too much cushion... extra padding... it won't hurt...) really..... 

So, I've got my "BOOK" out from last year... and I'm checking it twice - and by the end of the week, I'll have my goals and projects  ready to roll!  The one thing that I KNOW I will do differently this year is.... better evaluation! I started out so good .... that is until LIFE took hold of me... BUT ~ not this year.... THIS year I will be checking it regularly... I am determined!  I got just a small "sample" taste of what I HOPED DREAMED and WISHED for this past Christmas ... I'm going to just SAVOR it THIS year! SO EXCITED! (but seriously, SLOW DOWN already!....)

We can do this! I CAN DO THIS!  Just 334 days (or 10 months, 4 weeks and 1 day-which sounds better?) until Christmas REALLY counts.... it will be here before we know it... so go get your notebook, or get a new one - and let's make sure we enjoy a 
little bit of HEAVEN in two-thousand eleven! 
(good one huh :))

I just love this.... 
It just puts things back into perspective...
Don't you think?

Santa and the greatest gift of all.

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