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Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh me... Oh my.....

Well, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! That everything went PERFECT for you... just as you planned.... GOOD FOR YOU!!! Way to go!!! I hope you are taking a little break now and just relaxing and enjoying....even if everything didn't quite go as planned... like myself... :(   BUT! It is ok!  I'm getting through it... I'm learning to cope.... I've started making my list already for next year... and I WILL be much better than this year!  The intentions were good... and I started out on a good foot.... but as time went along... life started happening and I didn't plan very well... but this time I am going to! I REALLY am! :)

When I sat down last night and started thinking about "where the time went" and "how did I fall so far behind..."  I went back to look at my calendar... and I was reminded of a "few" things that "took" hold of my life and thus caused a chain reaction that affected my STRESS FREE DECEMBER in the end .....

For starters....

15 bridal showers (8 of which I either helped with or held here at my house)
9 baby showers (5 were here)
4 friend weddings 
4 family weddings 
2 Missionary showers
My daughter turned 8 - so we had a baptism, luncheon and such to do .... 
My son's wedding.... (not counted in the 8 above)
A wedding rehearsal dinner - plan, prep and cook for....
Made all the flower arrangements, invitations and wedding video for the wedding
My Mr. had not just 1 - but 2 heart attacks this year
and not to mention... LIFE.... just everyday things that "POP" up! (Have I mentioned before that I am not a spontaneous person.... at least for "things" so when "things" interrupt my planning... it is really hard for me to stay focused....I'm good at "serving" on spontaneity but not so much for just "things"... (something I need to work on) 
and... I'm sure we have a partridge in a pear tree somewhere around here....  among some other little "unexpected" events....  :)

All of which took place between March and August.... except for the last heart attack that decided to show up during the holidays.... oh! And somewhere in there (in October) we had our 27th wedding anniversary, which just got bi-passed because there was so much going on.... None of which I would trade, change or not do... they just took time... time that I wasn't "thinking" would interfere with my "Stress Free December".... let alone "planned" on... dang spontaneity!

So, when I looked at the calendar... and added in the 40 plus hours a week of work and try to SQUEEZE everything else into the weekend... (which really is just 1 day... 24 hours (if I choose to not sleep)  that's a lot of "squeezing"....) no wonder I ran out of time... :)

SO... I must make a plan... and make it quick... because if I don't my Christmas will never change... so... here I go... I'm making my list... and I'm checking it twice.... maybe thrice... because I just need to know the "MUSTS" and the "WISHES" for next year.... So for now my list is starting with "Things I need to change for next year..."  basically the things that I didn't get to this year and decide what really is important and what is not..... I will be dealing with a high school graduation and a sending off to college this year....which should not interfere with my year too much.... but I'm sure there will be "THINGS" that will just sneak into play.....

One thing I KNOW for sure will be happening....
A friend and I (yes... I have a friend or two! LOL!) 
have decided to meet at least once a month to "prep!" 
We will be working on things that we "NEED" to do...
Like stockings....(have I mentioned my love for stockings??? :))
Neighbor/Friend gifts 
etc.... so, if you want to join us - just let me know! 
Together we will MAKE IT HAPPEN!
We truly will be ENJOYING the SEASON 
and FOCUSING on the REASON for the SEASON
this coming year!

So... anyone have any suggestions, ideas or tips that would help? I'm totally open for suggestions here.... I've got to get a concrete plan by the end of the year..... :)

In the mean time...
This year is going to ROCK!

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