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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My top 12 favorites!

My top 12 are not in any specific order.... other than... just when they "POP" into my head....

One of my most favorite things about Christmas is "STORIES" ... I LOVE to collect stories, especially CHRISTMAS stories... I have a book that I've printed over the years with different stories - some are very short, some are long... but none the less - I just LOVE them! One of these days I'll have to tackle the project of sorting them - that would really save a lot of time... but not right now... Nope! Not gonna happen right now anyway......

This year I decided to take it one more step.....

Have you ever heard "THE PICKLE JAR" story?

I LOVE this story!  I used it a few years back in a Young Women's lesson.... but had forgotten all about it until I received it in a email a few weeks ago... I saved it because I just KNEW it might help me get through the "rough" spots of the holidays....Then... THEN, when I thought I was just about DONE, a IDEA POPPED into my head... and I just couldn't get it out!  So, I started searching... and searching ... and searching... I knew there was a company here in town that sold "glass" jars - but for the LIFE of me I just couldn't remember the name of it.  Then one day a name came to me - I looked it up - and it was located in the area that I remember going to to get jars... I called - "NOPE!"  WRONG STORE!  shoot!  Still searching I eventually found it.... and guess what! THEY HAD JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!!!

Isn't it just CUTE!?!?! 
I found this 1 gallon sized glass pickle jar for $2.39.... 
I added the vinyl and just stuffed it with green tulle for the picture... 
Cut a slit in the top of the metal lid and WAH-LAH!
I have a PICKLE JAR to go with the PICKLE JAR story! 

I just LOVE stories.
This is one of the "ELF BUCKET" treats.... 
It just might show up sooner than later.  :)
Click here for the PICKLE JAR story...
I think you're gonna love it too! 
I just added our own little message at the bottom. 

"It is our prayer, that you will find a way to make
become part of your “gifts” to others in the years to come."

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