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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Now... I can finally post....

Sorry it has been a while - and I promised to post the "THINGS" I've been so busily working on these past several months.... but when I went to post them, I realized that if I posted them, it would be giving away my Christmas gifts.... so, I had to keep them tucked neatly away.... safe until now.

One of my most favorite projects was this......
A cute little playhouse that fits over the card table.
It was SOOOO much fun....

 and SOOOOOO much work!


 I even added in their favorite puppies... 
Max and Molly
 And I just LOVED this little mail box,
complete with letters... 

You can find the pattern for this and soooo many more designs at 
MissPrettyPretty on Etsy.... Click here
My advise... I'm thinking it would be soooo worth it to purchase the KIT from her. 
Everything is already cut out and ready to sew...
UNLESS you start your project in plenty of time... and or 
you are a sewer... I am NOT a sewer...
In fact, my philosophy has ALWAYS been...
"If it ain't hot clued... I don't do it"
BUT I did do this!
ALL....BY...MYSELF too!
Sure, it isn't the best "sewing" nor by any means the STRAIGHTEST
BUT HEY! I did  it! I made it all by myself and I was quite happy with the finished product! 

 THEN, I found this absolutely DARLING fleece hat - 
And yep~it is sewn!!!! 
Don't worry, I don't hot glue EVERYTHING! 

 And then, I made SEVERAL of these little scarfs...
Start to finish... about 15 mintues! 
and... not to expensive, especially if you purchase fabric on sale!

well... that's about all I can share tonight...
I'll post some more tomorrow...
They eyes are winning the battle now.

Good night everyone!
Hope your Christmas was all you
DREAMED it would be and then some! 

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