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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My top 12 day 2....

Another of my FAVORITE things about Christmas .... is CHRISTMAS CARDS! 
I LOVE getting Christmas cards!  Since the first Christmas that we were married, I have saved every Christmas card we have received. (I think...I'm pretty sure...ok, pretty close!)  I box them up every year with our Christmas decor and I just LOVE pulling them out and taping them to the door after we have reminisced.... taken our little stroll down memory lane... I especially love the cards with family pictures :)  It is so fun to see how everyone is growing up! I also date the card on the back - just in case ... and I try to put cards from the same families through the years together ... OH SO FUN!  I just LOVE it!  
One thing that I find very sad is that the cards have dwindled through the years... we use to get a lot of cards... and just the past 5-6 years they are pretty sparse... guess that goes to show you what the economy has done for most of us... so sad... BUT I still love to go back through the years... We have been so very blessed with so many WONDERFUL friends and family! 
Now...I know what you are thinking... "But SHE never sends out cards!".... weeeellllll.... let me explain.... don't get me wrong here - I do cards EVERY year.... but.... they rarely get sent out ... why? Because I am either "broke" or too lazy to go to the post office to get stamps...  or the biggest reason.... I start to "worry" that people don't want to hear from me... that maybe I say something in my "Christmas letter" that might offend or hurt someone...or sound whiny... or be boring.. or stupid... or they might laugh.... oh the torment I put myself through... it takes me MONTHS and MONTHS to get my Christmas letter done - and then months and MONTHS of editing it.... and pretty soon.... it's Valentines.... and it's just TOO LATE to send a Christmas card... so I tuck them away in a drawer... and I open that drawer - like on days like today - and I find 4 years worth of Christmas cards ... sitting there... in envelopes.... addressed...and all that is missing is the stamp.... but they are ready to go - and yet they sit!  AGH! Why do I do that to myself?? WHY!?!?!  Well, after going through my Christmas Cards today - and visiting with such amazing families (via my cards) I'm determined to just "SIGN" my cards and drop them in the mail!  HECK! No-one really cares what we've been up to,  do they? I mean - I LOVE getting CHRISTMAS LETTERS and CARDS! I LOVE reading about my friends and family and all that they have done through the year1 I LOVE IT!  But.... I don't really do much of anything - we're kinda boring... there really isn't much to share, so signed with "LOVE US" should be just great - or is that too "impersonal"...SEE! .... agh....the worries... what to do....I must send them! That's what I'm going to do! just SEND THEM! 
In the mean time.... I just LOVE Christmas cards!  Absolutely LOVE them! So... please.... keep em coming!  :)

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