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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playing in the mud puddles......

Instead of standing in line like I should have been!!!!

I have been asking for some "creativity"....and some "TALENTS" lately .... (but apparently, I have all I'm going to get... and it is VERY limited) ...so instead, I have been DIRECTED to CREATIVE - TALENTED people! I AM SOOOO BLESSED!!!!! I'm so glad I FINALLY got it! (See - I told you I'm a SLOOWWWW learner!)....

Here is another amazing lady! (I'm trying really hard to not be envious....) Look at what she has done with PENNIES!! YES PENNIES!!!! Who woulda thunk!?!?! Seriously - I bet you will THUNK next time you just toss that "penny" into the trash can..... OR walk by it sitting on the sidewalk.... I remember not to long ago reading about a man who picked up every penny he ever found - and sure - it took some time - and if I remember right (which remember, I'm under severe tooth pain - so my brain my not recall correctly), after like 20 years he had gathered over $2000 in pennies! I could go for that!..... Anyway.... where was I? Oh yes... Pennies!!! Take a look - I quite like!.... and again.... oh how I wish I had some "CREATIVITY!" .... Seriously.... what was I doing.... playing in the mud puddles when "creativity" was handed out.... sheesh!!!

Oh well... oh so glad I can start CHECKING some more off my list!!!!
What GREAT stocking stuffers!
It's the "surprises" in the stocking that have made me LOVE my stocking! I always save the STOCKING for the very last!!!! (yes... I'm getting me a surprise too! just in case you were wondering :))

OHHH! I'm getting soooo excited for Christmas this year!!!!!

OH! I nearly forgot....
VISIT this blog
and enter for a chance to WIN some amazing pennies!!!
Or feel free to nominate ME to win, if you don't want too!!! ;)

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