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Tuesday, April 5, 2011




I'm done!!!

Well... with 8 projects that is!!!

I just finished 8 sets of these... well almost... just a few more bows to finish.... but oh so close!
(I gotta wait for the ribbon to be on sale again at 50% off... you can't beat that! ... so worth the wait!)

Wanna sneak-a-peak???

I'm really happy with the way they turned out - my kids were questioning me ... they said the "bows" look "old fashioned"... BUT I think they were a little surprised with the way they actually turned out once they were put on.

(click on the picture for a larger view)

The "heart-O" is black glittered while the rest is painted in high gloss acrylic,
then I just sanded the edges...

Here is a look at all the months -
January is white shimmery with a blue and silver snowflake ribbon
February is a red with black hearts
March - Shamrocks of course!
April - Pastel polka-dots (Easter is not ALWAYS in April-so Spring will do)
May - Yellow and purple flower
June - red gingham with black and a lady bug
July - PATRIOTIC of course!
August- Fallish sunflowers
September - school ribbon with red ribbon
October - Spider webs, trick-or-treat, and a orange polka dot
November - fall color plaid and a solid fall color with leave buttons
December - Red white & green stripe with red
Birthday - not shown - cupcakes with a blue ribbon - (not too dainty...gotta please the male species too! LOL!)

The bows took the longest...
What do you think...
Yeah on the bows
And I was trying to make them all somewhat different...
but it didn't really work for the most part...

The other thought I had was using seasonal fabric...
Maybe I'll give it a whirl on the few I still need ribbon for...
just see what I like best....

Either way....

The best part
off my



the next project!

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