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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Keeping New Years Resolutions

Do you start out each new year with lots of plans to improve your life but, after a few weeks, lose your enthusiasm... or am I the only one?  I'm really beginning to think so.... I don't know WHY I do this to myself!  It is really a BAD habit! But... If you are like me, here are a few ideas that I'm hoping will help me (and you too), to keep the best of  our New Year's resolutions... and be successful in doing so!

Make realistic resolutions.  
(REALLY!)  I'm such a BIG dreamer and BIG planner - and I just always THINK that I am so much more "ORGANIZED" than I really am... and apparently I still live in a WONDERLAND where there is a LOT more time in one day than there really is!  AND.... after reviewing my last years resolutions... apparently I THOUGHT I had magical powers... you know like WONDER WOMAN!  agh! SO for me.... this is ONE IMPORTANT STEP!  The first thing that I read about "KEEPING NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS" it stated.... "DON'T TRY TO MUCH, TOO QUICKLY!" ... Really.... For example.... If you are not presently exercising on a daily basis but your resolution is to "exercise" 1 hour a day.... you are most likely setting yourself up for failure.... (Don't get mad at me... I'm just sayin' ... from experience of course!) ... It may be more realistic to resolve to set a  "starting goal" of exercising for 15 minutes a day.  And then, after that  becomes a habit, then you can work on exercising  for 30 minutes and repeat the process until you are up to your desired goal. 

Set a series of smaller goals.  
Divide your big  goals into smaller sections. Let's say, for instance, you want to  save money..  Instead of leaving your goal so vague, plan a resonable amount to work toward in the first moth, then a larger amount to have saved at the first quarter of the year etc.  These smaller goals will keep you encouraged as you make progress...because we all like PROGRESS right?!?! And.... again when planning and setting this goal, I have to OFTEN revert back to the prior goal setting suggestion... REALISTIC!!!  For some reason, I'm thinking me and "REALITY" aren't very good friends... maybe that should be one of my goals! LOL!

Make reminders.  
OH BOY do I NEED REMINDERS!!!!!!  After deciding the things that you would like to work on, make several reminders for yourself.  I also think that this year I will be giving a "resolution" list to my Mr.  I KNOW that he will keep me on the striaght path! :)   For me, posting reminders on the bathroom mirror... well they get overlooked!  I'm gonna try something different. I need to "take" my goal, and get rather "PERSONAL" with it... for instance... One thing that is REALLY hard for me - is taking time for ME!  And with that goes... MY TIME TO EXERCISE!  So... I'm going to take my cute little "ELASTIC BAND TRAINER thing (that I bought myself for Christmas) and place it on TOP of my clothes every night! SO... when I get up and get dressed it is RIGHT there REMINDING me that I need to TAKE TIME FOR ME and go downstairs and EXERCISE!  I'm also going to set an ALARM clock to WAKE myself up at 5:30 - so I HAVE time for ME!  It will be AWFULLY hard to deny that the ALARM is going off... and my EQUIPMENT is right there - with my clothes... Can't very easily walk away from that now can I?  :)  Plus, that will only instill another goal... GO TO BED EARLY! (oh this could be a tough yet good one!) 
Be kind to yourself!  
Why is it that we expect so much from ourselves?  
If you find that you've made a new resolutions that are just making you miserable - be willing to change them!  IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL!  I think I put more stress on myself when I change my mind at the last minute, or more so I think of myself as a quitter!!  BUT that is NOT the case at all!  I need to remind myself that it is OK to make adjustments as long as I'm progressing - RIGHT!?!?!  PLUS, they are MY resolutions, and I  can do whatever I want to resolve them! Right?!?! So see, you can too!   

So... Here is to 2012!   

Gotta go start my list...
#1 - making it REALISTIC!
agh... such a challenge! 

NEW YEAR!!!!!! 

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  1. Happy New year my friend! I'm wishing you a year of dreams come true and blessings! ♥


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