Ever find yourself really wishing you had more time to get ready for Christmas... December just seems to SNEAK up on you? Well, maybe we can make a difference... together!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let the Journey Begin.... Part 2

So, how did you do? Do you have a good plan so far?  Are you feeling comfortable with it?  Are you feeling stressed or calm?  I'm hoping CALM... that's what I'm trying to do... help to get rid of STRESS and bring in the RELAXING CALMNESS!  
Well, let's not waste any time - let's get to business - we do have lots to get accomplished this month still!  So....   
7)Do you plan to send Christmas cards?    
I always have such GREAT intentions!  I LOVE getting cards!  I've kept almost EVERY card we have gotten for the past 20 years and I proudly display them every year! I love to go back and reminisce with my kids about all these amazing friends and family... it is so fun!  BUT I admit! I am the WORST at sending cards! I purchase them... I sign them.... I just don't mail them... why? Because I'm always out of money when it comes to getting the stamps!  So, this year, in my cute little "composition book" I made a "POCKET" on the inside cover... (I taped a manila envelope with the cute little brad type closure) I will be placing my books of stamps in it!  I am budgeting in a book of stamps every other month! (If you forgot about stamps, and you need to mail your cards - you best go back and budget in your stamps!) :) 

8) Do you purchase gifts with a purpose?
I try really hard to make my gifts "meaningful"- that is why I always do a HOMEMADE Christmas. I HATE having a price tag placed on my gifts! This las year I kept a small little book in my purse and as I would hear someone mention something that they liked, I would make note of it. PROBLEM: Too many notebooks! So, this year - one notebook! I also ask our families to draw names early in the year so that I can start planning.  

9) Do you celebrate Christmas as just one day? 
Take time to write down how YOU can expand your Christmas celebrations throughout the ENTIRE holiday season!  Christmas shouldn't be done in just a day!  I for one just really do not like the fact that we have not ONE Family Christmas Party BEFORE Christmas1  Our week from Christmas day to New Years Eve is CRAZY! And that is usually the time I want to just RELAX and CRASH!  (no rest for the wicked I guess!! LOL!)  I really wish we could STRETCH it out a little better. Due to the type of employment that I have and my Mr. is not working, we don't even have a company Christmas Party to attend.  :(   I think that there will be a few changes this coming year... it just doesn't seem like Christmas because we have no "fancy-shmancy" parties to go to before ... and there was no snow this year - so that didn't help at all!  I think this is something I really need to work on this year!  So, make a list of the things that you want to do during the month.  We'll need to make a plan later, but just jot down some things that you would like to do, that you do or that you want to change.  

10) Does the word “entertaining” scare you?
I LOVE to entertain... just no-one comes. So instead, I just plan get-togethers! Mostly with my kids - but still - we have fun!  This year I plan to do better and plan to do more! Like "cookie making party", "Cookies, Milk & Movie Night", "Game Night" etc.... this I think is a great alternative to the "formal entertaining"... plus, it's a little more up my alley!        

11) Do you know when your favorite activity will take place this year?
If you have church parties, company parties, neighborhood parties, etc.  chances are, the dates are planned especially if reservations are required.  Try calling them and getting the dates that you need.  For me, I like to "plan" our family activities in advance so that I can get a calendar to children and make sure that I'm not going to interfere with their "parties"... and I've learned to be flexible.... VERY flexible!

12) Does your family eat out more than you plan during the month of December?
Eating out can be COSTLY!  and it will surely wipe out your budget in not time!  I did find that we did do this a little more than I wanted to this past year - mostly because I was too busy working on projects, and wasn't paying attention to the clock... DUMB! So this year, I'm planning ahead - I will make sure to have "FREEZER" meals in place and ready for those bad days! AND... I will post my menu on the fridge - not in my book, because again - if everyone sees it - I tend to follow it much better!    

Well... that's it for this section.... See you in a couple days to start the next group!  Are you getting so excited!?!?! I hope so!  The last thing I would want to do is STRESS you out!  Good luck!     

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