Ever find yourself really wishing you had more time to get ready for Christmas... December just seems to SNEAK up on you? Well, maybe we can make a difference... together!

Friday, January 20, 2012

AMAZING Talent..... I admire!

There is this AMAZINGLY TALENTED lady.... well! There are LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of talented ladies out there really .... and ONE of them is having a FABULOUS give way... but don't bother stopping by... her shop is CROWDED and oh my goodness... just take my word for it ... it's simply CRAZY over there ...SERIOUSLY!  just take my word for it..... SHE IS AMAZING.... you can trust me......
 besides, I am REALLY wanting to win!
OH ALRIGHT.... go ahead take a peak.... leave a comment.... 
BUT if you win.... you will have to share your prize with me! DEAL!?!?!  :)  

Oh... I surely hope I can sleep the next few nights...
I just love these little darlins'... they just melt my heart!

Good luck to you all.... 
You'll need it - because I'm feeling REALLY lucky! :)


  1. I have been good, but I miss the blogging community. Seems pretty quiet around here now that Christmas is over. I guess thats okay though, it makes Christmas just that much more special.
    Im SO glad you like your jewelry!!! I will probably have another contest this year too, I hope you will enter again!!
    I've been making lots of jewelry lately, but thats about it, lol! I get bursts of inspiration then I take a break from it for a while.
    How have you been? Did you have a nice New Years Eve? I'm hoping this year will be a great one! We all need a awesome, happy, exciting year, dont you think?
    Anyway thanks for stopping by!!!!! You made my WEEK!!!! I love your comments :)
    Have a nice weekend,
    xo ~Jonquil

  2. Very cute and I love your humor. =) xo ~Liz

  3. I love her precious dolls! Each one that she makes is more beautiful! Enjoy your week! ♥

  4. Your blog is wonderful! I love it!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration and love for Christmas!
    Love, Brenda


It's like CHRISTMAS everyday when I unwrap your kind words! I just LOVE getting secret messages!!! I really have the BEST bloggy friends ever!