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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shhhh - It's a secret..... Don't tell.....

There is this "giveaway" going on over at this AMAZING  blog... This lady... well,  she truly is an INSPIRATION - I've been following her for quite some time... and yes. I admit. I've shed MANY,  MANY tears reading her blog... but I've also gained much needed strength as well.  She is just INSPIRING! She is just AMAZING! And... to top it off - she found out the "this gals"  ( yes ME!) purse BROKE!  (rude huh?!?! - I've been a fan of this broken purse for a mighty long time and it just up and BROKE!) anyway - she is hosting a "giveaway" (or so she says ;)) for a purse (but she is planning to give it to me regardless...) so, go ahead and just "pretend" to be interested in the "fake giveaway".... it will be fun... It will make me feel even more important when she "draws" my name out of a hat... with all these "competitors!". ;) 

 (It is really cute isn't it??? It is SO ME!)

(Ok... she really isn't doing this for "ME"... it is a TRUE REAL GIVEAWAY... I'm just wishful thinking.... because my purse really did break!  It nearly took me flat to the ground with it!) You don't think it was because I treat it more like a "suitcase" or something....do you???  hmmmm  Oh well... go ahead... play along.... maybe you will be LUCKY and then you will feel sorry for me and send it to me???  WISHFUL THINKING!!!!  :)   Thanks Ashley for a "great" WISHFUL dream I'm dreaming!  



  1. Hi lovely lady.
    I'am on my way!!! she is going to pick me I know..!!!! This Give-A-Way is Gorgeous.I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Tablescape..I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.
    XXOO Diane

  2. I am sooo heading over for this giveaway although I know its in the stars for you to get a new, unbroken bag!


It's like CHRISTMAS everyday when I unwrap your kind words! I just LOVE getting secret messages!!! I really have the BEST bloggy friends ever!