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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baby it's getting HOT in here.....

I am finding it really HARD to get my Christmas Spirit on... when there are so many FIRES burning around us....
Last Friday afternoon, one of our agents was looking out his office window and I heard him say "Well, looks like we have some mighty dirt devils funneling around the south end of the valley"....(I find him quite funny as every phone call he takes, he usually gives a "weather" update, so I never really have to wonder what is happening on the outside world, he keeps me informed as well :)), and he continues, "oh, and it looks like there is another fire on the Rose Canyon Mountain."   I rushed to his window (and yes! I had to look out. and YES I was getting rather nauseous..16 floors up! I tried REALLY hard not to think about it! I have avoided these windows for 6 months now!) but there it was some 40 miles away - a fire! 

 I watched for a few minutes and soon it was a HUGE fire!  I tried calling home. No answer.  5 times!  COME ON PEOPLE! ANSWER THE PHONE!.... agh! FINALLY someone called me back - and yes - there was fear in my children and my husband as well - as the fire "seemed" closer to them, than the fire we experienced nearly 2 years ago - and it was started lower in the valley this time, not along the mountain ridge as it was last time.  Needless to say - I FLEW out of work! 
 (I hope I put everything away.... oh well - too late if I didn't)

These photos, just break my heart. 
I can't EVEN imagine what I would do, if in their shoes.
Cry.  Very hard I'm sure.

This makes my stomach hurt. 
My heart ache.
I just can't even fathom.
We are safe.  Although nearly 900 homes were evacuated - most as a "pre-caution" in case the winds decide to pick up and change direction - overall 11 structures/cars were destroyed in all .... 350 acres burned thus far...SO SAD!  My heart just goes out to them.

Then, 4 days later - another fire breaks out - just across the other side of the valley - and 500 MORE homes evacuated! MORE families displaced!  More homes in danger... it is becoming very hard to be excited for FIREWORKS! It's actually terrifying me... 

(This is the Draper Temple, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Draper Ut.0
 (The fire is just on the other side of the mountain - but trying the sneak it's way over the ridge....)

Fire. It has it's place. And it's time. Now, well it is just not the time, nor the place. I prefer it in a fireplace.... controlled..... when it is snowing outside and keeping me warm inside. Not now. Not in the HOT HEAT. Not out of control. NOT THREATENING people, homes, livestock, and wildlife. So sad. 
 This is when a FIRE is NOT welcome!  I'm sorry.
 Here is  a "small" aerial shot of "after" effect.
Firefighters did an AMAZING job at containing the fire.
Hard to imagine we only lost 4 homes with this OUT OF CONTROL fire.

My heart goes out to all those that lost their homes, cars, livestock, fences.... 
My prayers go out to all those involved.  
INCLUDING the firefighters!

They have been working NON-STOP for what seems like months. They are exhausted. They are tired. They are HOT! Their families are missing them. THEY are truly hero's who put their life on the line of duty every single minute.  I thank you and pray for you all! 
Praying for...
 No wind. 
Rest for the firefighters. 
People to be SMART about FLAMES
. And mostly praying for the safety of all involved.... 
Families, emergency personnel, animals.... 
and for GOD to bless the USA! 
There is tragedy all around.... 
Please, bless us all. Everyone. Everywhere. 

 Pictures from Herriman City, KSL News and friends.... 
(I would post MY pictures - but someone, somewhere, somehow
 has borrowed, mis-placed or stolen my camera cord! GRR!)...

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