Ever find yourself really wishing you had more time to get ready for Christmas... December just seems to SNEAK up on you? Well, maybe we can make a difference... together!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I LOVE about Christmas!

I hope that you were able to find another small book of some sort - a journal, extra spiral notebook, anything will work.  Maybe I should have told you this up front... I do apologize.  I surely hope you were able to find one on such short notice.....

I have a problem with "lists"...(remember this LIST post...)  and I love tracking things... so having notebooks in every room is a must, every purse, bag and even in my car - is a MUST!  I don't leave home without some sort of "notebook" in tote!  I know... I'm a bit crazy! BUT they are my saving grace! :)   So, this is probably one of my most favorite "after Christmas" things I like to do and usually it is on New Years Eve, or New Years day, when I really just want to "chill!".... "RELAX!"   but since we are a little behind, there is no better time to start than the present - so humor me a little and play along - who knows!  You might just enjoy it too!  

I like to sit down and review


I start by writing the "questions" on the top of my page - then I go to town! 

(this makes me so excited!!) 

Question 1:  

What I LOVED about Christmas!  

Christmas is a special time of year and should be celebrated and not dreaded. We need to remember that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and we should be joyous during this time (and all year) and not let the world get us caught up in how we should celebrate this special time.  This is one of the times during the year we take time time to really remember and lift up all the important people and things in our life. The goal is to take a few minutes and write out all the things you love about Christmas.  Think about things you do, things you see, how you celebrate, activities you attend, people you spend time with, traditions in your family, songs you love to listen to, family you celebrate with, giving gifts, sending cards, foods you enjoy, and anything else you think make the holiday season special for you.  We want to make sure we enJOY the season by filling it with the things we love doing and mean the most to us.

Question #2

What I did not like about Christmas this year.

Every year there are things that we wish we had not done.  This does not only refer to that dreaded party but also to actions we did or did not do.  For example,  did you get your cards out later than you wanted or maybe you forgot to make the picture appointment early so all the good times were already taken?  
Take time to sit down and make a list of these dislikes, this will then become a punch list to help you restructure your holiday plans. You will refer back to this list as we work on planning the upcoming holiday season – the goal is to make sure we enJOY the season removing as many dislikes as we can.

Question #3

What I want to do this Christmas! 

It seems that our “to do” list for the holidays never seems complete and at times it can feel like it doesn’t even get shorter. Think about things last Christmas that you really wanted to do, but maybe you just ran out of time, or you thought about it a little too late in the season - whatever it was - it is important to try again! DO NOT just let it go without trying... :)  Make a list in your notebook of these items and then ranked them by importance. Because it IS important!

Question #4

Things that I HAVE to do this Christmas season.

Examples of this would include annual family get-togethers, church services, mailing Christmas cards, entertaining you do, decorating, Christmas pictures, etc. This list may be long – but that is o.k. as this list is what we will use when we get to the calendar section.

Question #5

Five things I want to do this Christmas that I did not do last Christmas 

Make a list of 5 things that you really want to try to do this Christmas.  Place the list in your Christmas Notebook. The items you list can be things you have never done before or things you have done but just did not get around to last Christmas.  Rank your list and then try to incorporate at least ONE item in your holiday season this year.  Your goal is 5, but if you do not reach this goal you have not failed – you already have ideas for next year!  Each Christmas will get easier and you will be more organized so do not fret!

Question #6

Activity Journaling Questions
Activities play an important part of most people's holiday celebrations.  In your Christmas Notebook journal take a few minutes and write about the following: 
  • Write down all the holiday activities you and your family did last year outside of your home – be sure to include church, school, community, and family activities.
  • What activities are a must do for our family every year?
  • Are there church related activities that I would really like to do this year that I have not done in the past?
  • Ask every member of your immediate family what their 3 favorite activities that you attend outside of the home are during the holiday season and write it in your notebook.  Incorporate at least one thing from everyone's list into your holiday planning.  Remember this is their Christmas too!  (This is really another of my FAVORITE things to do - I just LOVE finding out what my kids REALLY enjoyed and LOVED about Christmas as well.... I was quite surprised when this year my youngest (10 yr old) replied with, "I was happy that mom didn't sleep through Christmas this year."  Sure turned the lights on for me!) **I like to do this for a Family Home Evening activity, usually the first one of the year.  
  • What things from your childhood do you remember doing?  Is this something you could do today? 
  • Are there activities you would like to add to your holiday season?  Write them down – maybe when you work on scheduling you will have time for one or two new activities.. 

Coming up: Calendars and Activities/Traditions.... oh so excited!!!!! 
OH! Be sure to swing on over to visit DEBBIE at  Debbie-Dabble Christmas.... tell her I sent you over to visit with her!!!! She'll enjoy your visit as well!

***Note: Some of the ideas above, were taken from a homemade book that I received some 25 years ago - "How to have a Stress free Christmas", little did I know then, as a young newly married gal and a couple kids that it would come in so handy through the years. - I don't know WHO to give the credit to - or I surely would.... but I do THANK them for being so smart~even clear....back.....then....*** 


    1. Gosh, this is a really great post and chock full of some great info!
      I love this idea especially the question of what you want to do next Christmas.
      I too make lists but tend to forget where I put them...

      Thanks for sharing and for the shout out!


    2. Hi! I'm popping in from Debbie's Christmas in July! What a great idea. What a legacy you're preparing for the future. I just love this idea.
      Merry Christmas this July. Pop over and see my Christmas in July post.
      Be a sweetie,
      Shelia ;)

    3. You ROCK! I love your ideas, and have added some of your ideas to what I already do. Christmas is the most magical time of year & I always try to make it very magical to both my daughters. Thank you for blogging how much you love Christmas. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that's cuckoo for Christmas!


    It's like CHRISTMAS everyday when I unwrap your kind words! I just LOVE getting secret messages!!! I really have the BEST bloggy friends ever!