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Friday, November 5, 2010

This could be a WIN for you!!!

Well - it has been a while... but I've been busy... I'm running out of time!  I've found that the past 6 weeks or so - I've considered myself VERY lucky if I have gotten to bed before 3am!  Lately it has been more like 3:30-4:15.... BUT I would rather be doing that NOW instead of next month! I'm so determined to ENJOY the CHRISTMAS season this year! BUT.... let's just call this a BLUNDER based upon my lack of sleep, inability to "research" ... and possibly, YOUR GAIN! :) 

ONE of the many projects I have been working on this past SEVERAL months... and trying to bring the project to a close by months end....  A Family Recipe Book.

I have been working for nearly 18 months on this project and just thought I was so SMART and it was going to be a GREAT gift.... until..... UNTIL I discovered that the 9 books I'm putting together with a total of over 130 (2 sided)  pages of recipes.... was turning into a very COSTY project.... the biggest reason... all of those 130 plus pages need to be placed in "sheet protectors"..... BUT the problem is not the sheet protectors in general ~ it was the SIZE of the sheet protector that was adding up....I made the recipe books to fit a 5.5 x 8.5 size book, paper & sheet protectors..... AND I did NOT price the 5.5x8.5 sheet protectors BEFORE starting this project... My thinking was... it should be close to if not less than the cost of a full size sheet protector of 8.5x11.....Right??? I mean "logically" thinking.... well....  WRONG!!! Oh so WRONG!!! They are at least double and if you don't shop around, almost two and a half times more... SHEESH!!! Who knew!!! SO.... this began the next phase of "rethinking" the project.... I decided it would be more cost effective to print on full size sheets and remake my "menu" pages.... especially for as many as I was doing.... SO... here is where the WIN WIN for you come in to play.... I am now going to offer the 5.5x8.5 Menu Divider pages to any of you who may be interested.... Because, if you are just doing one or two books, it won't be nearly as spendy.... and depending on the number of recipes that you place in your book, well, that will make a great difference ... I tried to "omit" recipes from my book, but every one of the recipes are not only MY favorites, but some family recipes from generations back..... and even some from current generations.... and I was tired of having recipes written on receipts, scratch papers, lunch bags, you name it... I probably have a recipe written on it... yes even napkins! This was project started (as a request from my husband... he hates all my "recipe" cards that are tossed into the drawer)... and then, I decided to make it a goal... (being I'm working on my personal progress goals, along side my girls) ... and in one of my late night conversations with myself, I decided that this would make a great Christmas gift for family members..... So thus was born the "Family Traditions Recipe Book"..... 

I have ALMOST completed all of the 8.5x11 size dividers and this gift is just about to be wrapped and tagged and will be waiting for it's place under the tree!!!  I'm so EXCITED! But, I'll be sure to post a picture of the final product.... what a task this has been!  But a good one!  These are the type of gifts I LOVE to give!

I have 8 6sets of the 5.5 x 8.5 size Menu divider pages (all handmade of course) ... to include the following categories: APPETIZERS, SOUP, SALAD, MAIN DISHES, SIDE DISHES, DESSERTS, COOKIES, CANDY, DRINKS, BREAKFAST, BREAD and CANNING...

I will sell the set of 11 dividers for $10.00 (which includes shipping in the USA). If you want more than 1 set - take a 10% discount... if you want all "8" "6" sets... they are yours for $35.00.   So,  hurry - you know how that HOLIDAY shipping can be..... SEE! this is a WIN for you!!!! So, if you are interested - just shoot me a comment along with your email address - I will then delete your email information and contact you for shipping instructions...
(note:the paper/colors may vary slightly from the pictures on some sets.... I was trying to be "creative"...) 

I'm working on getting everything completed... 
It's so exciting to see this all coming together! 

How are you all doing???? 
Are you ready to ENJOY the season with me??
Oh I sure do hope so!



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