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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some EXCITING news!!!!!!

I just have to tell you.... I have some of  the most  
in the world!!
and one of those friends...
I'd like to tell you about today!
SHE is just one of those people that you are forever blessed because you have crossed her path.... I'm blessed.  I'm grateful. AND.... I'm just lucky! because I not only crossed her path - but I'm still in her path and feel so blessed everyday.... especially days that I get to talk to her or visit with her by email or pass her in the neighborhood..... you know - she is just one of those people that make you want to be better.... that make you feel important ... that give you strength just being around her....(I just hope I don't wear her out!) .... AND... I just wanted to let her know that I have a great BIG ThanK YoU! for her! Not only for being my friend, example, uplifter, example, leader, etc.... BUT .... She is letting me "borrow" her camera too!.... I feel so giddy! Like a little kid again! I'm so happy!  SO EXCITED! Isn't that just crazy!?!?!  I mean... really, it is a camera - a material thing - something that I can LIVE without... but do you know.....  I have become very "bitter" with my cameras in the past..... BUT, anyway,  we (my camera and I) don't even speak anymore.. because one of us was getting close to using words that have never been uttered.... and it just wasn't worth it... She must have felt the not so good "VIBES".... and was inspired to "intervene!"  LOL!  She recently got a new camera and was so DARN THOUGHTFUL and offered her old one to me... and it works!!!!  and that is one thing my other camera's DID NOT have in common!  I'm so happy!  I've had sooooo many things to document... and haven't been able to do so in a PICTURE form... you've had to use your imagination...(and I'm sure YOURS is much better than MINE!)  - which for me could prove to be SCARY .... in the upcoming future.... SO! BLESS YOU! THANK YOU dear FRIEND!  I'm working on getting this back to you - but in the mean time... I'll take VERY GOOD care of it.... and my memory THANKS you even more!   

Be sure to stay tuned.... :) 
It's just the "simple" (but OH SO BIG)  things that make my day!

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