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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Left... Right.... Left... Left!

This is one of MY favorite traditions... and I'm not sure really why - other than it DRIVES my little brother CRAZY! And... It is just my WAY of getting even with "the little brother!"... hee hee hee!!!  On Christmas day, we (all 8 of my siblings, the "honeys", and all the grandchildren & even GREAT grandchildren) meet for lunch at my parents... yep! We are squished ~ but it is OH SO FUN! This year there will be,... 8 children (my siblings & I), 6 honeys, 11 grandchildren and 5 of them have honey's and 3 and 8/9ths GREAT grandchildren.... that's 35 and 8/9ths in my parents home! (hopefully everyone will make it this year!)  After lunch we "squish" really close together and we play the "LEFT-RIGHT" game as we pass a gift to the person next to us going whichever direction we are told... it is CRAZY! it is FUN! and... IT DRIVES JUSTIN CRAZY! and....I LOVE IT!  So... that is WHY we do it! And that is WHY I love it! Oh.... I just can't wait for this year.... anyone have any other stories to use?  I've used all of these - so I'd like a new one if anyone has one...and maybe even little brother might enjoy a "NEW" story!  :) 

The Wright Family Story #2   Persons sit in circle and pass gifts right and left according to directions in the following story: 
Once upon a time there was a little boy named Tommy Wright. He lived with his mother, Mrs. Wright and his father, Dr. Wright and his sister Sara Wright. He had four shiny quarters left from some birthday money Grandma Wright had sent him besides the $8.12 left in his piggy bank. Now it was time to buy the right present for each member of the Wright family. So one morning he hopped right out of bed and quietly left home and went carefully across the street to the big store on the left side of Main street. The store was decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments. Tommy Wright thought and thought about Christmas presents and he looked at all the things for sale. "Let's see," said Tommy, "I know, I'll get Mother Wright some warm gloves. Here is the right one but where is the left one? Here it is, right under the right one. They cost $3.06 so I have $6.06 left to spend. Now, for Daddy Wright. Would he like a truck or maybe a ball or a left handed catcher's mitt? I know. I'll get him a football so we can play catch right in the park across the street from our house, when he comes home from work. That was $5.06 so now I have $1.00 left for Sara's present. Here is what she wants. He saw pretty new purse right across the aisle and I think I have just enough money left. Tommy Wright clutched his presents happily and went running right up to the lady at the counter and took out all the money from his left pocket and then his right pocket, and slid it across the counter to her. "Is that right?" asked Tommy Wright as he gave her his money, "It will be $1.05 with tax," she said. "Oh no," said Tommy Wright. "I forgot about tax."  Tommy then checked his left pocket again. Nothing was there. Tommy Wright started crying. Tears streamed right and left down his little face. Right then the door burst open and in came Santa Claus who had left the North Pole and had come right to Tommy Wright's town to take orders from children for Christmas. "Ho, Ho, Ho," said Santa. "We can't have Santa's helpers sad like this. Let's see now, I bet I have five pennies right here in my left pocket." Santa Claus checked his left pocket and found nothing. "Oh no!" said Santa. "I must have put them into my right pocket instead of my left. Here they are right here, Tommy, Ho! Ho! Ho! and Merry Christmas to all the Wright's from Santa Claus and his helpers." Tommy Wright left the store and ran across the street to his home to tell Sara Wright that he had seen and talked to Santa. He was so happy that he wrapped his presents right away and put them under the Christmas tree. Dr. Wright, Mrs. Wright and Sara Wright were thrilled with the presents Tommy Wright had purchased and Christmas morning left nothing to want.
The Wright Family Story #3 (22 moves)    This is a story about Mr. and Mrs WRIGHT. One evening they were baking cookies. Mrs. WRIGHT called from the kitchen, "Oh , no, there is no flour LEFT! You will need to go to the store." "I can't believe you forgot to check the pantry," grumbled MR. WRIGHT. "You never get anything RIGHT!" "Don't be difficult, dear," replied Mrs. WRIGHT. "It will only take twenty minutes if you come RIGHT back. Go to Fifty-first and Peoria, and turn LEFT at the stop sign. Then go to Sixty-first Street and turn RIGHT, and there it will be ACROSS the street on your LEFT," declared Mrs. WRIGHT. Mr. WRIGHT found the store and asked the clerk where he could find the flour. The clerk pointed and said, "Go to aisle four and turn LEFT. The flour and sugar will be on your LEFT, or perhaps it may be ACROSS the aisle, on your RIGHT, I just don’t remember for sure."
Mr. WRIGHT made his purchase and walked RIGHT out the door. He turned LEFT, but he couldn't remember where he had LEFT his car. Suddenly he remembered that he had driven Mrs. WRIGHT'S car and that his car was in the driveway at home RIGHT where he had LEFT it. He finally found Mrs. WRIGHT’S car ACROSS the parking lot and to the RIGHT.Eventually, a weary Mr. WRIGHT found his way home. Mrs. WRIGHT had been waiting impatiently. "I thought you would be RIGHT back," she said. "I LEFT all the cookie ingredients on the kitchen counter, and the cats got into the milk. You'll just have to go RIGHT out again. " Mr. WRIGHT sighed. He had no energy LEFT. "I am going RIGHT to bed," he said. "Anyway, I need to go on a diet, so I might as well start RIGHT now. Isn't that RIGHT, dear?" MERRY CHRISTMAS

The Right Family Story #4   The Right Family
Christmas was almost here and Mother Right was finishing the Christmas baking. Father Right, Sue Right, and Billy Right returned from their last-minute Christmas errands. "There's not much left to be done," said Father Right as he came into the kitchen.
"Did you leave the basket of food at the church?" asked Mother Right. "I left it right where you told me to," said Father Right. "I'm glad my shopping is done," said Billy right. "I don't have any money left."
The hall telephone rang, and Susan Right left to answer it. She rushed right back and told the family, "Aunt Tillie Right left a package for us right on Grandma Right's front porch. I'll go over there right now and get it," she said as she left in a rush. Father Right left the kitchen and brought in the Christmas tree.
By the time Susan Right returned, Mother Right, Father Right, and Billy Right had begun trimming the tree. The entire Right family sang carols as they finished decorating. Then they left all the presents arranged under the tree and went to bed, hoping they had selected the right gifts for their family.
Now I hope you have the right present for yourself, because that's all that's left of our story...except to wish you a merry Christmas... Isn't that right??
This is a story about Santa and LEFTy elf. LEFTy received this nick name one Christmas when he couldn't seem to do anything RIGHT. Santa said " LEFTy, sometimes I think you have two LEFT thumbs". On the day before Christmas Eve Santa and LEFTy were finishing up the toys that were LEFT. LEFTy called from the workshop, "Oh no, there is no glue LEFT! Santa do you know where any might be?"
"I can't believe you forgot to check the inventory, sometimes I wonder if you can get anything RIGHT, LEFTy!" said Santa. "Santa don't be mad", replied LEFTy. "It will only take me a few minutes to find some, I'll be RIGHT back". Santa said "I'm sorry I am so grumpy, but we don't have much time LEFT, LEFTy. "I'll try our packaging and delivery outlet RIGHT on the edge of town", said LEFTy. "It would be faster to stop by my house, Mrs. Claus is sure to have some LEFT, she just might not know RIGHT where it is," Replied Santa. "Take the short cut, go to Candy Cane Lane and Rudolph Rd. and turn LEFT, RIGHT at the Lollipop stop sign. Then go to Holly Drive and turn RIGHT and there it will be on your LEFT." LEFTy found the house RIGHT away and asked Mrs. Claus where she might have some glue LEFT. Mrs. Claus' hands were all doughy from making the last of her Christmas cookies. So she directed him RIGHT to her craft room.
"Go RIGHT down the hall and turn RIGHT, open the first door on the LEFT. Walk RIGHT in and turn RIGHT. It should be on the bottom shelf, RIGHT next to the LEFT-over glitter."
LEFTy found plenty of glue to finish the toys RIGHT where Mrs. Claus had directed him. LEFTy hurried RIGHT out the door. LEFTy looked LEFT, then RIGHT, then LEFT, but he couldn't remember where he had LEFT his sled. Suddenly he remembered he had taken Santa's sleigh, because it would be faster, and that his sled was in the garage at the workshop RIGHT where he had LEFT it. Eventually, a tired LEFTy found his way back to Santa's workshop. Santa said " LEFTy, I thought you said you would be RIGHT back, so I LEFT jolly elf take over your station. He used all that was LEFT of the red paint instead of gold, so now there is no red paint LEFT to touch up my sleigh. You will have to go RIGHT out and get some, LEFTy " LEFTy sighed and happily said " I knew we would have no energy LEFT by now, so RIGHT after thanksgiving, I fixed up your sleigh for the big day. Santa said "I'm so sorry I said you couldn't do anything RIGHT, because of you, there is no work LEFT and I can go RIGHT to bed, so I'll be all rested and my jolly old self again. Good night LEFTy." and Santa went RIGHT to bed.

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  1. I rewrote the Wright Christmas, pass the parcel game LEFT AND RIGHT. I mentioned all our grandchildren and our family. When their name of mentioned, we passed the parcel to them.


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