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Sunday, October 10, 2010

On the First day of Christmas.....

I know... I know... I've promised to post some gift ideas for that darn person that has EVERYTHING!  And I will... I promise... just give me a little more time... I'm still putting them together.... so, while you wait... I thought I'd just share a couple  "Twelve Days of Christmas" ideas that we have used in the past. and maybe... MAYBE  you have some ideas that you would like to share as well! I LOVE new ideas!
Please share! 

On the first day of Christmas
I’ve often heard it said
It’s nice to give someone you love
A loaf of YUMMY bread!
(You can wrap it up in a "fun" Christmas towel or even just plastic wrap and a cute bow.) 
On the second day of Christmas
Two rolls of sticky tape
To help you wrap your Christmas gifts
For that extra special date.
On the third day of Christmas
Three packages of Jell-O
The light dessert and bright dessert
On the forth day of Christmas
And I bet you thought we’d miss you
We didn’t though and here you have
Four rolls of bathroom tissue!
On the fifth day of Christmas
Five treats of sugar sweet
For you to enjoy, and of course
Share with friends that you meet!
Now it’s the sixth day of Christmas
With six more left to go!
Take time to trim the Christmas tree
And hang some mistletoe!
We’re sure by now you need a break
So have a nice cold drink!
Six cans of pop is sure to help!
At least that’s what we think!
For the seventh day of Christmas
We wondered what to do
But then we found these oranges
So we’re giving them to you!

On the eighth day of Christmas
We’re nearly out of rhyme
But here is a family journal
To remember your Christmas time!
(I purchased the Composition Notebooks and decorated the outside, my favorite ones were the ones I did in solid colors (deep reds and greens) and placed a picture of Christ in the center- this is a fun way to "journal" Christmas and keep for many years.)
On the ninth day of Christmas
We know you’re on the run
But wanted you to stop, relax
And have some FAMILY FUN!
 You can purchase this book here for $6.95 - it's great!
On the tenth day of Christmas
It was really hard to choose
But we decided on chocolate
And felt we could not lose! 
(Who doesn't love a little "Fernwood Mints" at Christmas time...)
On the eleventh day of Christmas
We thought your wallet might be low
And could use a little extra surprise
Perhaps…a little extra DOUGH?
(I made a fabric tube out of material that had money all over it and tied it up with a piece of jute) 
On the twelfth day of Christmas
A special gift you’ll find here
Sent with love and with the hope
That we’ve brought a touch of cheer!
And as a final note we’d like to add
A message loud and clear
Thanks for all you do!
One year I made these nativity sets, it stood about 2 feet tall, the next year I just made a manger and put straw and the little baby wrapped up inside it.)

This was a REALLY fun one too!  
On the FIRST day of Christmas
Your true love gave to you~
A partridge in a pear tree…
Sorry, but I couldn’t find the
Partridge so I am giving you some
Pears from the tree the partridge
flew away from.
 (You can use your own bottles pears, or a store purchased can of pears)
On the Second day of Christmas
Your true love gave to you~
Two turtle doves…
Unfortunately, I don’t have
Any REAL doves,
So these chocolate ones
Will have to do!
On the Third day of Christmas
Your true love gave to you~
Three French Hens…
The French Hens were
Not available, so I’m giving
You some chicken noodle
Soup, compliments of the
Three French Hens.
On the Forth day of Christmas
Your true love gave you~
Four calling birds….
I can’t find those calling birds!
But here are four messages
They left for you before
They flew off! 
(I just printed out 4 messages and "cute-sied" them up with scrapbook paper and such, and put a magnet on the back) 
#1- Let us keep Christmas beautiful
Without a thought of greed
That it might live forevermore 
To fill our every need.

#2- Somehow, not only for Christmas
bur all the long year through
The joy that you give to others, 
Is the joy that comes back to you. 

#3- The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree,
Is the "presence" of a happy family
all wrapped up in each other. 

#4- A song was heard at Christams
To wake the midnight sky
A Saviors birth, and peace on earth
And praise to God on high.
(Depending on the family(s) you are choosing, you may want to choose scriptures, or even talks from the Christmas fireside from the General Authorities.)

On the Fifth day of Christmas
Your true love gave to you~
Five Golden Rings…
Sorry, I’m too poor to
Buy five real gold rings…
But will some golden
Pineapple rings suffice?
On the Sixth day of Christmas
Your true love gave to you~
Six geese a laying…
You don’t really want messy
Geese all over the house do you?
How about some of the eggs
They left behind?
On the Seventh day of Christmas
Your true love gave to you~
Seven Swans a Swimming…
All of the swans have flown
South for the winter,
but they left behind
their “soothing” soap.
On the Eighth day of Christmas
Your true love gave to you~
Eight maids a milking…
Looks like they left the milk
Out to dry...and we think
They were milking some
Brown cows. Enjoy it anyway!

On the Ninth day of Christmas
Your true love gave to you~
Nine ladies dancing…
And here are some canes
Used by the ladies to
Help them walk home after
They were out dancing
All night long!
On the Tenth day of Christmas
Your true love gave to you~
Ten Lords-a-leapin’…
After the Lords get done
Leapin’.  This is what they
Use for their sore muscles!
On the Eleventh day of Christmas
Your true love gave to you~
Eleven Pipers Piping…
Well, here is a “pipe” of your
Own… Have fun and don’t
Blow the whole day!
On the Twelfth day of Christmas
Your true love gave to you~
Twelve Drummers Drumming…
No drummers, we thought
You could use some quiet time
So here is a special treat
We drummed up for you,
So relax and enjoy!
 (I used a can from the cannery, sealed it then opened it and we filled it with caramel popcorn and put a plastic lid on it.  Decorated the outside of the can with paper, fabric and such....this was a great family night activity I let the kids decorate the "drums" while I made the caramel corn...)  

I like to select my 12 days of Christmas early, so that I can incorporate the items into my "grocery" shopping and such.  If I wait too late then it becomes a "burden" almost and takes all the fun out of doing this...., so plan ahead and set your limits.  I also purchase as much as I can at the dollar store, or even buy from Oriental Trading....so it really helps to "plan" ahead.

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