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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Visiting Teacher/Home Teacher gift Ideas....

Snowman Soup!  

1 package of hot chocolate mix
3 Hershey's kisses
15 or so marshmallows
1 candy cane

Poems: (choose one) J
Was told that you've been good
this year, always glad to hear it.
With freezing weather drawing near,
You'll need to warm the spirit
So here's a little Snowman Soup
Complete with stirring stick
Add hot water & sip it slow
It's sure to do the trick.

# 2
When it's so cold that you holler and whoop,
It's time to bring out the snowman soup!
Pour the packet in a mug add marshmallows too
And throw in these kisses that are special just for you.
Now add some hot water and use the cane to stir it.
Sip slowly and soon you'll feel the warm winter spirit!

# 3
When the weather outside is frightful, snowman soup can be delightful.
May it warm your spirit and your soul, Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!
When you feel a chill or burrrrr', Use the peppermint stick to stir.
Add hot water and sip it slow, Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

# 4
A little cup of cocoa I'm sending your way,
For you to sip and enjoy on some cold and lonely day.
As you sip this cocoa it's warmth will warm your heart,
Just like our friendship warmed mine right from the start.

# 5
Was told you've been real good this year, Always glad to hear it.
With freezing weather drawing near, You'll need to warm the spirit.
So here's a little snowman soup, complete with stirring stick.
Just add hot water, sip it slow, It's sure to do the trick!

Hot Cocoa Bags
Use two of the Wilton bags. Put the cocoa in the first one and twist tie the top. Cut off the extra where it was twist tied, and then place it inside another bag. Then put in raspberry chips,(or any flavor will work… we quite enjoy the “mint” chips!)  then add marshmallows, and sprinkle with the red & green Christmas tree sprinkles. Before you tie the top of the second bag, add two raspberry candy canes (or again a flavor to go with your chip choice) to use for stir sticks, tied with a ribbon, and add a tag. The tag has a graphic on the outside and opens up to a poem (choose one from above) on the inside.  Put the directions for making the cocoa on the back.


As you sit there sipping your cocoa so hot,
Do you realize the symbols in your hot choc-o-lot?
It's symbols of Christ's birth which we revere
Now sit right back, as I explain ~ to make it clear.
The chocolate represents Jesus' sweetness supreme
As kindness was his forever theme.
Its warmth is like His encircling love
That comes directly from above.
Many small, but one large star
Were also seen from afar
So are the marshmallows so clean and white
Which reminds us of His purity bright.
The candy cane looks like the Shepherd's crook
Those great men who came to take a look
At the newborn babe so sweet and gentle
Whose life would be so fundamental.
The 3 kisses remind us of the 3 wise kings
Who traveled as they heard the angels sing.
And when they arrived they saw a beautiful sight,
Mary kissing her son on that wonderful night.
Now may we remember these wonderful things
As we enjoy what this glorious season brings.
May you feel His warmth each and every day
As you wish others a Merry Christmas as you go along your way!


This little sundae will sure make you warm.
It's a hot cocoa treat in an odd little form.

Just add hot water, or even some milk,
For yummy hot cocoa that's smoother than silk.

Now add your sweets to make it even more dreamy,
Then stir, and stir, and stir until creamy.

Stir with a spoon and enjoy the flavor,
Or stir with a candy stick for something to savor.

Share with a friend, if you dare give it away,
Or save for yourself for a cold winter day!

Tile Quotes
I chose this quote from Pres. Monson in his address to the Sisters at the General Women's Conference in Sept.   You can pretty much do any "quote" "thought" or "saying" on a tile... 
Cut in vinyl and wah-lah! Tiy gave a great gift... and a daily reminder to everyone in their home...

So.... have you decided on YOUR gift for your Home Teachers, Visiting Teachers, those that YOU visit and what about school teachers.... oh my ... my list just keeps getting bigger and bigger.... but it's nearly time to "STOP" adding to that list! Just a couple more days to make adjustments and changes!!!! 

We are at just 47 days til CHRISTMAS REALLY COUNTS!   

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