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Saturday, October 16, 2010


I didn't win "THE" Pumpkins.... and I'm slowly getting over it.... It really would have been a nice way to end a very CRAPPY week.... and an even CRAPPIER day... but oh well... I'm very happy for VINTAGE SANDY... What a LUCKY GAL!  I'm sure she was just a happy punkin today! :)  I'm really happy for her! I really am... just sad for me... so I'm gonna have to sell a kid or two so I can just purchase me some of "THE" Pumpkins! Anyone want to start the bidding?  LOL!!! JUST KIDDING! (kinda... it has been "ONE" of those weeks.... One of those weeks that I'd LOVE to wave my magic wand and "POOF" have toddlers again!  These "tweens" are killin' me .... just this week.... I surely hope that they are getting it out of their system and next week will be much better.... crossin my fingers I am! 

Well... I guess I'll go do some laundry and see if I happen upon some "pay" so I can purchase a set of "THE" Pumpkins... :) 

Congrats Sandy!!! Way to go!!!!

And THANKS to Brenda for giving me something to look forward to this week!  I truly was so excited I just couldn't sleep... but I'm sure I'll sleep fine tonight... if I get there.... 

Oh... I promise to get my head back in the game now... now that "THE" Pumpkins are gone... I'll try and stay focused! I had just a slight lasp... fell into the "HALLOWEEN" spirit... it was a good break... but back to Santas shop I must go..... 

OH! Did you realize it is 44 days left until Christmas counts.... how's the check list coming along????

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