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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 days..... OH MY!

Are you kidding???? Something must be wrong! The month is nearly over.... See! I told you we need to be prepared - it just goes WAY TO FAST!

We are 26 days into the plan.... How are things going? It's time to evaluate....

Honesty....best policy.....
This month was my ORGANIZE month!
Good thing I have 5 more days left!
I wonder if I can skip church Sunday.... JUST KIDDIN!
Check list... here it goes...
Clean/organize food storage room - CHECK
Clean/organize storage room - oops!
Clean/organize spare bedroom - oops 2!
Clean/dejunk girls closets - 2/3 done!
Clean/dejunk MY closet - oops!
Clean/organize linen closet - oops!
Clean/organize hall closet - ok! OK! I'll do it!
Clean/organize laundry room - done
Clean/organize pantry - done - but needs it again!
Clean out bathroom cabinets/drawers -done
Clean out junk drawers - yes drawers - not done!
Make trip to DI! - on my agenda for Saturday!

Well... doesn't look like I did much this month now does it!

Open your book and see where you are heading - have you accomplished or in the process of accomplishing the things that you were wanting to get done this month? I don't want to stress you out - because believe me, I KNOW life happens.... it is happening right now - just so much to do and so little time it seems.... but we must keep pressing forward....

So, take a look at where you were wanting to be by the end of this month - and see what you might be able to accomplish in the next 4-5 days - and if you don't think you can get it done... it's ok - move it out a month or so -(believe me, I'm moving a few things out to my "spring-fling" months) and try again... but whatever you do.... don't start February out behind! Just move it! It's OK!!! Do what you can and let's move forward!

Sometime before Monday, take a minute and sit down to look over your first "list" and choose something to focus on for February - I'll be focusing on my "would/could/should/didn't list"....

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