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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's see..... where were we..... ?

Ah yes! We finished up by making a list of the BUDGET.....
Oh... so... glad.... to have that out of the way.... PLEASE don't get to depressed - we can do this.... RIGHT!???? RIGHT!

Now, get your little notebook out again, we're going to start a PLAN!!! YEAH!!! A PLAN!!!

We are going to go use the "woulda-shoulda-coulda... but didn't list". But first - get a clean sheet and depending on the size of your book, divide it as you need to so that you have a calendar year by months, so you can see the entire year without flipping pages. (something like this)
Now, let's go back to your "woulda-coulda-shoulda list" and start breaking it down...
For instance - I wanted to do a advent/activity calendar - BUT I don't have one so I need to MAKE one - and I have had the idea for over 2 years now - just never did it - and if you know me.... (this is a bad thing) if things aren't the way I picture in my head... I can't do them.. so heaven forbid if I should just "post" a activity on the fridge each morning... NO! NO! NO!!! I must have an advent calendar to do such a thing... so THIS project is going to go in my FEBRUARY section.

I'm going to start breaking that down - and here is how....
Take everything from your list and place it into a "month" to complete it in.
Once that list is done, go to your "missing/broken" etc list, and start the same process there.
Now you should have a "PLAN"... (I used pen so that it isn't so easy to erase - and I hate "SCRIBBLES" so it tends to make me stay on task better.... but if I do not - I'll scratch it and roll it over - but at least I can look ahead to the month and see just what I need to accomplish during this month.... Oh - I didn't write this in each month -but I will now -because I just noticed it - but be sure to put your "BUDGET" money into each month. I just put it in gift cards (as a purchase) - but be sure to put it in each month so you don't forget. Another helpful tip - if you are able to put away more than what you worked out in your "budget" detail, just subtract it from the future months - (like with tax $$ we'll put some away for Christmas)... DO NOT INCREASE YOUR BUDGET!!!! If you have extra money - put it into savings towards something else ... but do not change (increase) your Christmas budget - you can take away from - but don't increase... you'll just keep increasing and then you won't be sitting back, relaxing, sipping hot cocoa and enjoying the month that counts!

I think that will do for today... How are you doing? Do you feel any lighter??? Let me know if you have any suggestions, ideas or thoughts - because I sure can use them... I'm just winging it here ya know! :)

Good night all!

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  1. Great ideas Shontell! I am looking forward to putting somw of these ideas into practice.

    THanks again.


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