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Monday, January 11, 2010

I just can't stand it....

I have to share!

I found the BEST - I mean the BEST stinkin deals ever!!!

On my list of "need to add to/update" - is STOCKINGS.

For me, stockings are the BEST part of Christmas - I love the LITTLE things that come in the stocking! And what is stocking without a ORANGE right in the very bottom of the toe??
When I was growing up, I would save my stocking for the very last... why? Because I KNEW - just KNEW that there was going to be something WONDERFUL in my stocking - and I LOVE saving the best for last! Whether it was earrings, a necklace, my CTR Ring (my favorite), a watch, even a dollar bill... the nuts, fruit and candy... ALL THE BEST!!
Have I mentioned I LOVE STOCKINGS?
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Anyway - for the past couple of years the "STOCKINGS" have been my dreaded task... I know - It so should not be! Back a few years ago, (ok like 8) when I owned an embroidery business, I decided to make stockings for our family - there was just something about having "matching" stockings. So I created new stockings... pattern and all. (amazing! Because if you know me, you know I DO NOT SEW!!! hot glue is the only way for me!!! - But I ventured out and was brave this particular year!) I embroidered on every stocking, something that I felt pertained to each of us... mine had a "snowman" family on it... (I love snowmen too!) ... anyway, I made us all stockings, embroidered our names on them - sewed them up - and they were so cute! THEN... shortly after completing them, we had a "surprise" thrown at us... (#5 was on the way!) SHOCK!!! SURPRISE TO US!!! but... said baby was not due until summer, I didn't think much of it for that year.... needless to say - I never got a stocking done for #5! A year later, I sold the business and that left us with .... an incomplete set of stockings! It DROVE me crazy for years! SO... the year that #1 got engaged I was in Seagull Books, and they had their wonderful bargain tables up..(love those tables!) and they just happened to have 8 stockings! PERFECT!!! I fell in love! I splurged! I purchased 8 matching stockings! Had our names embroidered on them and we were set! (Only they mis-spelled SIL name! and I was suppose to take it in and they would fix it... but, that didn't happen).... THEN... grand~babies came along.... one.... two..... and now! I DON'T HAVE STOCKINGS again!! The last 2 years we have not been able to find #5's matching stocking, and this year the grand-babies were here - and no stockings.... It was one of those little "bothersome" things... so... back to my reason for this post....

I NEED STOCKINGS!!! I decided that one of my FIRST projects for this year was to make stockings for everyone - only I'm getting pretty smart in my old age... I decided to make 20 stockings - this way - I am safe for a while with the "additions"..... (you know what I mean) good idea huh? But then... the cost to make 20 stockings, the time, the thought to make each of them unique... oh! I was feeling a little overwhelmed before I started... but I have 10 months ! I should be just fine! That was the very first thing to be accomplished on my "LIST"... And a good thing it was.... because.......... I found a bargain - and I'm heading back in the morning to get some more! I found 19" large red or green velvet stockings.... or red with white stockings..... Pottery Barn stockings to be exact!!! And are you ready for the even better news???? You better sit down... WAIT! Maybe I better not tell you until I get back, just so I'm certain there are enough for me..... hmmmm.... what should I do......
OK! I'll tell you - but don't tell anyone else!
ten cents! They are regularly $10 each!
WOOT WOOT FOR ME!!!!! and you now too!!!!
There is a slight stipulation....
BUT DON'T WORRY! I can help you with that!
You will have to "unpick" the embroidered name... unless you just happen to find the names you are looking for... but for me... that was just NOT A CHANCE in heck that would happen... (have you seen my kids names and spellings??? Trust me~but I'm ok - I CHOSE to do it that way - for that purpose... :)
BUT- I can unpick - I have the tools! AND... even better! I can help you to get the CORRECT names embroidered on them!
I have an embroidery machine again!!!
YEAH!!!! See the beauty!!!
SO... I guess you want to know where - right???

Aren't they just CUTE!!!!
I got the larger ones, they had a lot of the smaller, pointed toe too...
I think I'll head back to get some of them as well...
I've decided they would be great for the kids to give to their friends with their names embroidered on them, or their teachers filled with "school supplies" (sanitizer, markers etc.)
and they can use it as a "gift" bag...

I just LOVE THESE!!!
I got a lot of these too!
I may try to un~stitch a side and embroider something on the "sock" part ... not sure - I'll have to play around with them....
Heck - you can't even get the fabric for that price!
It's worth a little "un-pickin" don't ya think?

K - here is where they are...
3505 S. 3500 W.
In the "Downeast" Clearance store...
(I also picked up some dang cute back packs & insulated lunch boxes!)
$5 back pack (small size) ($4 preschool/$6 large) and 2/$3.00 on the lunch boxes)

CUTE!!!!! (Yes - they have boy ones as well)
They also had a lot of the the "decorated" type stockings, made of cotton or felt - they were a little more... well, in comparison to .10 cents anyway....

They were still priced at $2.50 ... not bad for a reg. $35 stocking!

They were getting a new shipment in and they said they thought there were tree skirts coming...
that is another item on my list! I'm so heading there!!!!

I am officially making FEBRUARY my STOCKING month!
So, if you order stockings (yes- I do make new ones too!) or turn stockings in for orders, you will receive 10% discount ..... AND if you are a follower... you'll receive an additional 15% discount!
SO... that is 25% off embroidery!!
DEAL!!! don't ya think???

SO!!!! Be sure to leave me a comment, include your email address (I won't post your email add) and I'll send you a email with pricing....
AND THEN!!! You'll be one step closer to making Christmas count!

AHHH!!! Doesn't that feel good already???

BYE!!! I gotta get goin!!!! Maybe I'll see you there!
Let me know if you need some "remove & replace" help! :)

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