Ever find yourself really wishing you had more time to get ready for Christmas... December just seems to SNEAK up on you? Well, maybe we can make a difference... together!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I HATE BUDGETS!!! They make me ORNERY! They depress me.... BUT! This is a new year and I'm turning over a new leaf! I'm going to be prepared ... and I've got to change my thinking about the "B" word!

You should now have in your cute little notebook....
Loved / Differently / Should have / and Need list
and your "lists of gifts".

Get your "lil book, and PENCIL this time"... I really needed a pencil!!! I had lots of "sharpening" up to do!

I'm sure you have NO IDEA what is coming next ....
Go through your "gift" list and determine just how much you can (or want/should/expect) to spend on each person... For me, in the last category of "gifts", I just list a "total" and that is to be divided amongst the recipients... I'll go over that a little later on.

Take your "$" amounts and give yourself a grand total at the bottom of your page... NOW, hopefully you didn't go into cardiac arrest like I did... but, if you do... just quickly take a deep breath and ERASE!!!! See the beauty!!!!! ok see the WISDOM!!! LOL!!!! just kidding! Sharpen up those "numbers" until you feel comfortable and confident... first secret - don't set yourself up for disappointment, that is what I do EVERY year! Be comfortable, it is always easier to "up" a budget than try to take away from later on....

Now, take your "comfortable total" and divide it by 11 (if you want to start this month) or 10 (if you want to start next month) - this is the amount of money you need to set aside for your Christmas Gifts! SEE!!! EASY right???
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It all looks and sounds so simple, but believe me...I know.... life happens, things come up... but never fear! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Setting the money in a envelope might work for you, or maybe in a different bank that is across town so it isn't "tempting" and easy to get to, may you are just good at stashing it in your drawer... whatever it is - JUST DO IT!!!! For the first little bit, I will be purchasing gift cards to places that I KNOW I'll be spending money at... then, if during the year, I see something I need on sale, a great bargain... I have the gift card and can use it - and no-one knows! No one can say -"Mom, do you have an extra $10.... " Nope, I sure don't.... :) It's tied up in a gift card! Figure out a plan that will work for you! AND just do it! AND the key....

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YOU BET I AM!!! Sticking to it!!!!

Well, I think that is enough for one day... feeling ok? Remember... You're MAKING CHRISTMAS COUNT!!!!!

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