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Sunday, November 27, 2011

And.... we have some WINNERS!

But... before I SURPRISE you with the winners....

Let me just THANK YOU ALL for your sweet comments and HELP! This whole TREE issue has been VERY VERY STRESSFUL..... but... after spending nearly 6 hours going to stores looking and pricing trees, calling on ads that were placed in the paper and Craigs List....  in hopes of finding a perfect darn tree! Guess what we did! We ended up coming home at 8:30pm and pulled out the 1000 jigsaw piece puzzle tree (not really but it sure seems like it...)  and PUT THE PUZZLE TOGETHER! .... oh don't worry .... it is missing a few "branches" but I just put them on the back side, so don't look in my window... its not the prettiest from that side.... And then... after all that PUZZLE putting together I had to go back and string all the lights on.... 1000 lights... and it wasn't a SIMPLE task... but why in the world! would I expect it to be EASY!?!?!? I had 2 strands of lights and thought I would S-T-R-E-T-C-HHHHHH it out... but didn't make it.  So at 10:40 pm last night I ran to WalMart, only to pay FULL price for the darn lights that were .99 cents the day before.... grrrr!!!  OH WELL.... tree is up... one out of three... not bad.... so sad that I won't be putting up the other 2 trees... but I am on the LOOK OUT for a good clearance price after Christmas - so I don't have to go through this again.... LOL!

I'll post the pictures soon.... just a few things to TWEEK then I'll be ready to share the tree!  LOL!!!
Oh.... and just for kicks I'm going to enter the Christmas Tree Contest over and  "A Whimsical Christams"... if you feel so inclined... I would LOVE a vote from you.... OR enter yourself!!!  Whichever you do... just remember ... "TIS THE SEASON"... for sharing!  Go on.. head over and take a PEEK!

Now.... for the WINNERS of last weeks giveaway.... are you ready for this?!?!?!


WOW!!! How simple was that????  You do the math.... 6 entries..+ from 3 different amazing people.... + 3 prizes.... = all of you are WINNERS!!!!  so....
CONGRATS ladies!!!!

Jonquil from A Whimsical Christmas
Lavendar Dreamer from Lavendar dreams too
and Karan (I finally got this one right! :)) from Cozy Christmas Corner & Karan's Holiday Corner
I'm sure they will agree.... pretty painless!!!!

Now ladies.... I need mailing addresses..... send a email message to me at ladybugz4bry at yahoo dot com, and your prizes will be out in no time!

And... get ready for the next giveaway.. to be posted on Monday Nov, 28  - and will end on Sunday Dec, 4 at 8;00 pm Mountain Standard Time.....
I am a tad bit nervous to post my next "theme" for a giveaway.... but.... then again... everyone has been pretty good about my "quirks"....  I hope I still have friends after this one.....

GOOD NIGHT ALL! and thanks again for all your help and concern with my DARN TREE!!!  Sweet people here!

See ya Monday!

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  1. I'm so happy to be a winner! I emailed you! What a fun way to start the holiday season! Hugs! Diane ♥♥♥


It's like CHRISTMAS everyday when I unwrap your kind words! I just LOVE getting secret messages!!! I really have the BEST bloggy friends ever!