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Monday, November 14, 2011

Another giveaway!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!

So... this week.... I wanna hear about your FAVORITE family tradition! 

Don't you just LOVE traditions???? 

We have lots of family traditions... and I usually add one or two new ones each year.... just to try them out - some we keep - some we don't... but I love getting new ideas, trying them out and seeing what works for our family.... 

One of the very first traditions we start December out with is our GINGER BREAD HOUSE CONTEST!  There is a HUGE group!  And it is so fun to see just how creative everyone gets!
 Sometimes I think that more candy goes into the little mouths... and not so much on the house... but that is part of the fun!

  Of course it is a BONUS if we get to have a SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!

One of my kids most FAVORITE tradition, is on Christmas Eve.
They always get PJ's from Aunt Leslie! 

 They wait with anticipation as they all open their "SPECIAL PACKAGE" together... 
What FABRIC will it be????
(and of course it is always fun to see "who's doesn't fit!" LOL!)
And... no matter how much I have hinted... 
I still have not gotten a pair of PJ'S  :( .... 
Like this year... the year of COW PJ's was one of their most favorite! 
 This year grandma made them all a "TEDDY BEAR!"
I know that my kids have cherished those little bears! 
Especially now that grandma has passed away! 
My little one still SNUGGLES with hers!
One of the other favorite traditions that the kids always looked forward too is on Christmas Eve when they would all gather around grandma as she read "The Night Before Christmas" to them. 
Now that Grandma is no longer with us, we have carried on the tradition in our house.
When we return from Grandpas house we read "The Night Before Christmas".  I know I'm not nearly as good as grandma, and I know we would all prefer grandma to be here with us and read to them... but until we can all gather around grandma again, I'll just have to do..... 
(This was the last Christmas Grandma read to them... picture is PRICELESS!)
 Of course, no Christmas is complete without reading (or acting out) the Nativity. 
Isn't this just precious??? 
We now have what I call "Our Night In Bethlehem" night. 
We all gather together, and watch the movie, "The Nativity" and we have food that we think they would have eaten during that time... like cheese's and crackers, salami and beef stick, raisins, nuts and different breads...and of course "sparkling cider!"  My kids think that is just the best! 
It has become one of my favorite traditions that we just started a couple years ago.

 And then no Christmas would be complete if we didn't make it to Temple Square to see the lights and nativity. 
We have missed it the past couple of years due to illness and the bad weather on the days we plan to go...
But this year! It is a must!  
The grand-babies must see! 

It is simply breathtaking....
and helps to keep us focused on the REAL reason for the season.
So... now that you know a few of our family traditions... 
What are yours? 

There is one more of MY most favorites... 
(WOW! I have a lot don't I!?!?) 
that I have not shared... 
and that will become the GIVEAWAY prize this week.... 
But... I'm not going to tell you until....
Next Monday.... 
When I reveal the winner! 

So... hurry!! 
On your marks...
GET SET.....
Here's is what you do.... 
You can enter 5 times!!!! WOW!!!!!

1-Post in a comment - your favorite holiday tradition
2-Become a follower ... and if you are already - tell me you are again! 
(It gives me warm fuzzies just knowing you are really out there :)) 
3-Blog about my give-away on your blog - 
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5- Tell your friends and have them mention "who" referred them to my giveaway, and if they win.... SO DO YOU!!!!!  WOW!!! that is 2 giveaways if you think about it!!!! 

SO! What are you waiting for!?!?! 

Let's GO!!!!! 

(sorry, can only ship to US addresses...  BOO WHO!!! but I hope you will still share!) 
(I hope to soon figure out how to ship world wide! LOL!) 

Giveaway ends at 8:00PM (MST) on Saturday Nov. 19, 2011


  1. One of my favorite traditions is opening a christmas pressie from Santa a.k.a Mom, on christmas eve. She always gives us a cuddly set of matching jammies, so christmas morning we all gather around the fireplace in our jammies. Its the one day a year I get to feel like a kid again. :)

  2. One of my favorite traditions always has been going for a nice long ride just looking at the Christmas Lights.

    Also family cookie and candy making week end is something I treasured as a child and carried it through with my daughters and now with all the grandkids. We get together for a week end of fun baking, and candy making.Homemade Soup and sandwich make an easy meal on Sat. night. We turn on the Christmas Music and sing right along.

    My favorite from childhood on has always been Christmas Eve when we sing happy birthday to Jesus and celebrate his birth with a birthday cake.


  3. Hi it's me again. :)

    I just wanted to let you know I love your blog so much, I mentioned you in my most recent blog post as one of my favorite blogs!

  4. Hello!!

    I just found your Christmas blog and I have become a follower. I also added you to my Blog Roll on my Christmas Blog,

    I hope you can visit when you get a chance!!


  5. We have many fun tradtions: decorating the Christmas tree,baking cookies, looking at Christmas lights, going to Christmas Eve candle light service, My dad reading "The boy who laughed at Santa Claus",a poem from a family Norman Rockwell book, ",a gingerbread house making party with our friends, taking a girls night out with my daughter to see the nutcracker. And this year I'm starting a new one. A Welcome Christmas season meal on the day we decorate the house. I'll give my kids a new ornament from mom and dad and we'll eat on the Christmas plates I just got back out. Still dreaming up my last minute touches. ;) Christmas traditions are such fun!
    Michelle Clark

  6. One of my favorite traditions from when I was little was having an elf. She would write us letters and bring us small gifts, and was naughty at times too. I am gonna start this tradition with my kids this year. Cant wait!

  7. I love all of your photos! I didn't know you were doing giveaways...I just came to visit! Hope you'll visit me soon, too! ♥


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