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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Winner for giveaway #2!!!!


DEBBIE from..... Debbie - Dabble & Debbie Dabble Christmas!comment #4

True Random Number Generator   

 That's right..... #4 .... is a winner this week..... and guess what else????? 

I was just feeling a bit .... CHRISTMAS-Y tonight - so I decided to go for 2 - YEP 2 winners.....

Isn't this fun??????

So CONGRATS  to comment #1.... JONQUIL of  A Whimsical Christmas!  

True Random Number Generator  . 

I just couldn't resist!!!! 

And now... I just can't wait for MONDAY.... ya never know.... maybe I'll be REALLY Christmasy and feel like doing 3!  Or.... perhaps .... every one who enters..... ya just never know!!!!

 Keep your eyes open.... GIVE AWAY #3 is just around the corner!!!!! 

So.... Karan OOPS!!!!  (Karan you are right... it was Debbie! LOL! Thanks for keeping me on my toes!) So... Debbie and Jonquil.... email your mailing address to me at ladybugz4bry at yahoo dot com!

I'll give you a hint..... This is another one of my favorite traditions! I didn't mention in my post ...

I have a large Christams basket that sits under my Christmas tree in our family room, and every year I purchase a new BOOK to put in the basket (of course it is wrapped!), and every night we pick a book out of our Christmas basket and read the story! I will admit, it gets harder with older children and so MUCH going on... but it is fun to try and do the best that we can to read a book a night! And when Christmas is boxed up at the end of the month, so are the books, this way, they don't get lost and everyone is excited to bring them out the next Christmas!  ....OH! I also "year date" it so we can see what year we got the book! 
So yep!  You guessed it!!! I'm sending you a new book! I hope you like it!

I'll be watching for your email!!!



  1. OMG!! I won!! I am so thrilled!! Thanks so much! I just sent you my address!!
    Here is a tradition that I used to do with my sons. We never put out the Baby Jesus figure in any of the nativities that I had on display in the house. Since I either have to work on Christmas Eve night or Christmas Day night., we always went to church for Christmas for 4:00pm mass on Christmas Eve so that we would have our traditional Holy Supper afterward. When we came home from church the first thing the boys would do was put all the Baby Jesus figures out because Jesus was "born".

    Thanks again!


  2. congratulations tothe winners

  3. I think you need Debbie's address for the second winner. Glad that you enjoyed our traditions. Am buying my baking supplies this week. Hate this getting paid just once a month. LOL



It's like CHRISTMAS everyday when I unwrap your kind words! I just LOVE getting secret messages!!! I really have the BEST bloggy friends ever!