Ever find yourself really wishing you had more time to get ready for Christmas... December just seems to SNEAK up on you? Well, maybe we can make a difference... together!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh Christmas tree.... Oh Christmas tree.....


We set out last night to decorate the tree.... only to discover that we have 4 pieces to our 3 piece tree..... 1 piece to our 3 part tree and no CENTER for our 1000 + piece tree!!!!  SERIOUSLY!!!! and of course not ONE of them will WORK with the other!!! Come on TREES! Have you ever heard of CO-OPERATION!!!!!  This is a VERY crucial matter!!!! We have a 9 year old that is in tears!  CO-OPERATE with me PLEASE!!!!! 
(I'm thinking we may just have to do something like this...)

But.. to no avail.... Not ONE would work with the other!  (Needless to say, my 9 year old went to bed in tears.... she was SO disappointed! She was being SO VERY PATIENT all day long WAITING for me to get my ORGANIZATION done so we could decorate... only to discover that there would be NO tree to decorate right now...)  I came in and started looking on line for trees.... We just don't have extra money for tree right now... even at 50% off... (why are they so EXPENSIVE????)  So I turned to the classifieds... sent out a few emails (because it was 11pm and didn't think that they would want a call from a FRANTIC mom inquiring about their TREE...) I woke this morning at 6 tossing and turning... and in hopes that there was a reply to my emails... even just ONE .... but there were NONE!!!!  Then it dawned on me ... probably because it is 6 AM and most people are still SLEEPING!!!!  HELLO!!!!!!  So, here I sit....waiting for a reply on a tree... silly huh? 

So..... until a reply..... I'll go get Santa's shop up and working again!  
SO..... MUCH.....TO..... DO!!!!!!

It has been one HECK of a CrAZy month to say the least... BUT I'm getting use to it!!!  (I think....) 
The past several weeks I've been busy cutting wood, painting, re-thinking my plan...cleaning up... pulling it out again.... cleaning up..... pulling it back out..... sleeping with saw dust in my ear.... my eyes....my nose... my hair... even my teeth! Every fiber of my being.....covered in saw dust!  And still... I feel as if I'm getting no-where NEAR being done!  And... Dec. 1st is just ... RIGHT... THERE!!! It is in hands reach... and I so desperately need to PUSH it out a tad!  :)   ....I'm really thinking that my December 1 deadline is going to be booted :( but I certainly am NOT going to go down without a FIGHT.... and a TEAR or TWO of my own.... I'm sure!!!!  

Well... until the TREE situation is resolved... guess I better get back to the shop.... here is just a SNEAK PEEK of what is going on around here...... 
 For December....
Meet the TALL Sno-FAMILY! 
I just LOVE the sleigh and reindeer... but I just realized...
I need to get them "TIED" up!!!  Missing the reins!!!!
I found the pattern and instructions here... what a TALENTED lady! 
Of course hers looks MUCH better than mine..
but I'm not giving the receiver a picture of what it SHOULD look like... 
so they will NEVER know... RIGHT???!

And for OCTOBER.....

A friend of mine had some of these... so I just "COPIED" them... and then.... I discovered they too were from this TALENTED lady.... again... hers are much better... I was just flying by the seat of my britches! 
I am now VERY tempted to just PURCHASE from her ETSY shop!!! and save me the HEADACHE!
 These are my BLOCK HEAD family!

 Well... that leaves 10 months to go!!! 
I better get on the stick!!! 
Making 4 sets of EVERYTHING is just a WEE BIT.....
(so, now you will no longer need to wonder WHY my house looks like a tornado, hurricane, tsunami and a whirlwind have touched down...they really have!) 

My girls are at the "newly-wed-rather poor" stage of life.... well, poor in the aspect of "no money to decorate the house" .... so I've decided to help them out - by doing a bit of monthly decorations for them... I'm so super excited .... but feeling a "BIT" overwhelmed .... because as usual.... these projects go MUCH MUCH MUCH faster in my head!! LOL!!! they are so TIME consuming in "reality" world!!!!  
Why is it that my outer body can not work as FAST as my INNER body!!! (the brain!) :)  

Well.... off I go.... hoping to hear back on a tree or two and to the shop I go... 
IT IS FREEZZZZZZING out there!!!!! 

OH!!! Don't forget!!! 
GIVEAWAY #3(enter here!)  is coming to a end!!!! 
AND.... there are 3 prizes!!!!! 
and about the same number of entries.....
I wonder WHO will win.... LOL!!!!!!


  1. O my goodness!! I love the sweet wooden Christmas items!! Now are you cutting out the wood yourself??? WOWZA!!
    I received the book I won in your Giveaway!! Thanks so much!! I can't wait to sit down with a cup of Tea and the book.
    Thanks so much!!
    I assume the tree that you are talking about is a pre-lit tree? I hate pre- lit trees. I like to do my own lights and if the lights do not work then you throw away the set and not the tree.

    I hope you can find another tree soon!


  2. Oh my gosh I just love the snowmen and the sleigh and reindeer. Am going to check out her site for sure. Might just have to put George to work cutting out.

    Did you try your local or county free cycle for a tree. I know lots have been posted on ours. We also have an area garage sale site that may have been posted and for very reasonalb prices. Hope you find one.


  3. I love the snow family and your cute sleigh and reindeer! I get so many ideas from other blogs...not enough time to make them all! Enjoy your evening! ♥

  4. I hope you get a response from someone you emailed! If you dont get one, I found a 5- foot prelit tree on walmart.com for $20. I know its a little on the small side but you could set in ontop of somthing decorative as a last resort.
    Then maybe you could buy a bigger tree on clearance after the holiday season is over. Just some last resort ideas. I hope everything works out.
    Best wishes,

    Heres the link to the tree:



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