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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Bargain... & the wheels are spinning!

I was rummaging through the CLEARANCE items at Wal-Mart the other day - and I stumbled onto this cute... little... iron basket. And I thought "Surely there is SOMETHING I can use this for...it's just too good to pass up....it was 50% of the already marked down 50% - so HEY! surely there is something I can use them for." I pondered on it... put it in my cart... walked around... put it back.... pondered some more, then decided HECK I should just get one... I'm sure I'll regret it if I don't.... So, I grabbed two. hee hee hee...
  As I was checking out, I started to question myself... don't you just HATE that! I mean seriously... it was two for the price of one! Honestly - it is not NOT going to break me today - tomorrow I might be wishing I didn't spend that extra..... SIX bucks - but today - HECK! JUST DO IT! I battled with myself... even told the cashier I didn't want them... then I quickly changed my mind and said - "WAIT - YES I DO! But hurry and ring them through BEFORE I change my mind again.... " I'm sure he thought I was COMPLETELY off my rocker.... Well, I bought them ... and I pondered WHY I purchased them ALL the way home. Removed them from the bag and stuck them in my pantry. I tried to convince myself that "TOMORROW" I would have a BRILLIANT idea!

AND..... guess what?!?!?!

I had a BRILLIANT idea! (well... for me it was BRILLIANT!)

Yesterday, I was cleaning my bathroom - and I'm so SICK of the UGLY cup that holds our toothbrushes and toothpaste... or rather... DOESN'T hold them.... agh!!! I just wanted to REMODEL the bathroom because of this NASTY cup! LOL! And then.... WAH-LAH! IDEA POPPED INTO HEAD! (its a miracle I know....) So I ran kinda, sprinted maybe, jogged .... OK! I walked! FAST! to the pantry and started working on my BRILLIANT idea!!!!  HEY!! I do have to move fast.... It is typical for me to FORGET what I'm doing when I reach my destination....agh...

My CUTE bargain... ($3.00)

I grabbed 4 jars from the "wanna-be-canned" shelf..... (they have been waiting OH so patiently all fall...but I don't think I'm going to get to any canning this year - so looks like they will just have to be happy with what comes next.....)

Then, I dug through my junk drawer and was lucky enough to find some BLACK ribbon that will match PERFECTLY!

I ran, sprinted, jogged, ok walked FAST back to my bathroom and grabbed some "NECESSARY" itmes....

AND WAH-LAH! Look at what I discovered!

This cute little IRON JAR holder will work FABULOUS in my bathroom - and EVERYTHING will be RIGHT THERE! I used 3 jars that are the same size and one smaller jar for the q-tips!

I was so excited! It looks so GREAT! AND... Everything is right there - I can just lift it up by it's cute little handle to move it when I clean the counters... SO NICE!!!!
And... I can remove the ribbon and toss the jar into the dishwasher to clean....the BEST!!!!


This would work PERFECT for a PHONE caddy-kinda-thing!
I filled the jars with pens, pencils, ruler, scissors and even some markers....

NOW! Hopefully I won't have to run all around the house to find a pen to take a message...
(yeah right! who am I kidding!?! I'm sure one of the girls will decide it would work PERFECTLY in their room!).....


I need to RUN back and buy some more!
This would be a PERFECT teacher gift! Pencils, stickers, ruler, scissors, paperclips....
DESK CADDY for the BOSS!!!! Pens, stamps, ruler, paper clips..... oh my!!!
This would make the BEST gift for the MEN on my Christmas list....
I could fill each jar with their favorite "TV TREAT!" .... and make those cute little fabric covered jar lids - you know what I mean????? Filled with things like - M&M's, NUTS, PRETZELS, Hot TAMALES, Chocolate Covered Raisins....just about anything!!!!  OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!!

I've got to run people!!! '
I surely hope they are not gone....
WAIT! Maybe I better wait and post this after I return... so you don't all beat me there!
OH! I hate it when I just don't TRUST my first instinct!
 If I had - I would have... well, I would already have them here!

Stay turned for week 7 countdown!
We have so much to do! 
It's gonna be quite fun!!! 

Tis the season!!!! 
oh how 

Gotta run!!!!


  1. What a cute idea and most of all I love how you write!!!

  2. Too cute. And I can just see everyone reading this flocking to Wal-Mart to see if they can find some. Darn was there yesterday and did not check out the clearance isle. Guess when I go to town in the morning I will have to check it out.

    Thanks for the great idea.


  3. Keep writing, keep joining blog parties too!
    You will have tons of followers in no time!
    P.S. I would take off word verification too, it's easier for people to leave comments then.
    You can always moderate your comments.
    Great Blog!


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