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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I was just thinking....

Outloud again... of course... 

This past weekend I was telling my daughter that I wanted to go out and take some pictures of different things and spell out FAMILY and frame it for my basement ~ you know ~ those really CUTE pictures of nature and different "THINGS".... Well I priced it out to PURCHASE and HOLY SHNIKIES!!! Talk about OUT OF MY BUDGET!!!!!!  Nearly had a heart attack(And heaven knows - we need no more of them this year!)  thus the reason I decided that "I" could just DO it myself.... however, I discovered.... there is a little more to it than just "snappin" a picture or two... or six.... AND I don't really have a camera that will SUFFICE such picture taking... you know -up close and PERSONAL!!! :) 

So... I let the thought slip out of my head...

 I was just bee-boppen' along tonight... (minding my own business I tell ya!)  trying to finish up a few projects and looking for "things" and I BEE-BOPPED right into  
oh my!  heart be still!!!!  
Prayers were answered!!!!  
You just HAVE to go and check it out!!! HERE!!!

I'm so stinkin' excited!!!!

Sometimes it pays to THINK OUT-LOUD :) ..... 

Go on - head over... I'm sure you'll fall in LOVE too!!!! The problem is... now I want more than just FAMILY!

psst.... they would make a great Christmas gift too... if you're still shoppin.... just sayin.....
AND... the PRICE is RIGHT!

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