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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Favorite Things.....

I'm sure EVERYONE has their FAVORITE THINGS!  Right???  Come one... you have to! 

Well, remember, this is one of my most FAVORITE gifts that has become a tradition at our house.

I really wasn't even sure that my kids would think much of it - but just today, my youngest asked me if she would be getting her box of "FAVORITE THINGS" this year for Christmas  (Remember this post...)  I said "mmm maybe, I don't know..." (knowing full well OF COURSE! You will have a FAVORITE THINGS box!!!)... but I like to keep some things in suspense a secret.....  My other daughter's boyfriend was sitting at the table with a puzzled look on his face.  (I wasn't sure if the puzzlement was from "what's a favorite things box" OR the fact that we were talking about Christmas.... LOL! He should be use to it by now - I've been saying "TIS THE SEASON" for several months now!).... Kami noticed his puzzled look too, so she took it as a puzzlement to the box - she proceeded to explain "Yeah, well, let me just say that you will have to get use to a "different" way of doing Christmas with us.... first, we take turns opening Christmas presents and we start with the youngest, (here came the puzzled looks again... but not  from him this time, but from me), so she looked at me and told me that his family just "opens" gifts - all at the same time - and then she turned to him and said "we take turns - one gift at a time at our house", his reply (looking like a deer in headlights) "you mean, everyone watches you?" she giggled and said "YEP!"..., then he said "But I don't like being the center of attention"... "too bad, that's how it is done around here, you'll get use to it...." ... then she added, "Oh, except for our FAVORITE THINGS box.  Everyone has to save it for the very last, and we open it all together.  It is so fun....I think that is my FAVORITE part of Christmas."  He was still not sure about all of this so she proceeded to explain, "my mom started doing a box of favorite things for my sister when she got married, and for a couple years that is what she did for them and we all got upset because we wanted a box of our favorite things too, so last year she did a favorite things box and now, everyone gets a "FAVORITE THINGS" gift.... so just be ready."

I'm wondering what will happen now.... LOL!!! I hope we didn't scare him off - we're kinda gettin' attached to the guy!

And then... this past month, a friend invited me to a "MY FAVORITE THINGS party"...OH.... MY... HEARTBEAT!!! It was soooooo fun!!! (I think I'm just gonna have to throw one myself!!!) 

And then.. this past week, I stumbled upon this blog.... and guess what!?!?!?!?!  She is doing a MY FAVORITE THINGS GIVEAWAY!!!! 
 (I may have to steal her idea too!!! These dang smart, creative, WONDERFUL, WISE, FABULOUS people!!!!!  They are killin' me.... KINDLY though!!!)

So... go ahead and SNEAK on over and take a look at her FAVORITE THINGS giveaway!  (I'm sure you won't want to enter either.... ;) ) But if you must... you must.... AND... I'll just say this.... My brain is churrning again... you may want to stay tuned.... I'm thinking a FAVORITE THINGS of some sort is on the horizon here!..... but until then...............

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  1. I had a "My Favorite Things Party" last year and it was sooo much fun. I think I should do one every year!



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