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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Countdown continues..... 7 weeks!!!!!

Sorry.... gotta post early today...
It's kinda a "SPECIAL" day....
WELL - IT IS A SPECIAL DAY actually!!!!

28 years ago - (can you believe it????)
I married my high school sweetheart after almost 5 years of dating! WOW!! That means that we have been together for a VERY.... LONG.... TIME!!!!!! Granted, we have had some "bounces" and "turbulence" along the way - but who doesn't??? And nothing that I wouldn't trade for the world, especially if it would alter where we are today! (However, I would trade his pain away in a heartbeat!) I hope that he feels "GOOD" today - and that we can spend the day PAIN free! Or... at least go out to  dinner - and be pain free long enough to enjoy his meal... It's been a LONG time since we have been able to do even that! But we shall see... time shall surely tell....
OH I'm so sorry! I've been rambling... and we have BUSINESS to conduct! 
Please excuse me!
7 weeks until CHRISTMAS counts!!!
The countdown is on! Just a few more weeks to get those Holiday gifts completed and wrapped! One of the most important things that you can do to make sure that you get all of your gifts completed on time is to stay organized!
We've talked a LOT about our lists - but honestly, lists just don't do us any good unless we review them, check things off and keep on track. So, here we go.... countdown continues!
We are at 7 - 7 weeks to MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!
Can you BELIEVE it???? I'm sooooo super excited! The next 3 weeks are my FOCUS hard weeks! Gotta get those homemade gifts finished up! Afterall.... a homemade Christmas is what I'm planning.... and if I don't get DONE - there will be NO CHRISTMAS!!!! So.... are you ready??? Sit down TONIGHT - YES! TONIGHT! And review your LISTS... especially that HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS (or if you are a purchaser - you gotta get that list handy too!)... and we are gonna get them compeleted in the next 3 weeks!! YEAH!!!!!!!
Here are five easy tips to help better plan your holiday crafting:
1. Pull out your HOMEMADE Christmas list... and let's review it ....(I hope that you have already done this, but if not - it isn't too late!) OR make a checklist of all of the things you’d like to make.
2. Mark a calendar with each project‚ allotting it a certain length of time for completion.
3. Gather up all of the patterns and supplies that you’ll need for each project in advance‚ (unless you already have! You are so on top of things! LUCKY YOU!) .... so that you’re not running to the hobby store at the last minute. (Be sure to give yourself a couple days to get this don
e ~ be realistic!!! OH WAIT- see #4... :))
4. Be realistic. Very REALISTIC! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to finish too much, in too short of time or too fast! BREATHE!!!!! REALISTIC.....remember....
5. Take a class or two, if needed... or if you are like me - team up with a neighbor, sibling, friend - SOMEONE. (and set dates to get together - and DO IT!) Working through the projects with the help of the instructor or someone else, is a great way to learn new things AND complete great
–looking projects at the same time.... It's always much more fun to CRAFT with someone else! (that isn't proper English is it??? oh well!)

What cha' waitin for????
CHRISTMAS is coming!!!!

 and... Happy 28 years to my Mr.! 
Hope we have another 28 plus to come!  

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