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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Take a break for FALL!

I love FALL!!! Have I said that before.... Well - I do! And... if you have ever been in my house - you would know that....It is FALL inside my house .... all..... year...... LONG!!!!!! (well - at least in the Family room and Kitchen) ... I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors of fall! I love the crisp air, brisky mornings, the smells of FALL!... you know, like PUMPKIN WASSAIL, CINNAMON NUTS.... mmm mmm! I love fall foods! Like SOUPS and BREADSTICKS..... PUMPKIN CAKE! (I'm getting hungry!) It all just makes me feel good!
To me - fall says....
pretty COLORS
days are getting slower
life is slowing down
it is just ....

I like that I can start decorating for fall (more than my usual daily stuff) in September... and carry it on through November..... and then I take a little break from my FALL-ness and decorate with Christmas....
then right back to FALL!!!! I just love it!

Remember the bench that I saved from going to the FIRE pit!?!?!
Well, I spruced him up for fall...

I love my bench!
Hmm... Looks like my door wreath and frame are hanging a tad big crooked...
If I could just keep everyone from running in and out of the house...
It might stay straight!
and... don't mind my messed up mess of baby punkins...
The grand-girls were here and they LOVE playing with my punkins!
I finally gave up on making them look "my-kinda-perfect"...
I'm quite liking THEIR kinda perfect better!

I am a bit distraught...
With our recent "FLOODING" in the basement,
I can NOT find my LEAF garland! AGH!
It is really bothering me!
I need it to wrap around the stair railing to make it look a little more complete....
And then of course the ORANGE lights....
I've gotta keep looking!
It's buggin' me!
Looks like my flower pot needs some fall sprucing too!
Guess I better get on that!
Sometimes I just dislike still shots...
I find everything WRONG that I didin't notice when I was just

I love LOVE this frame & wreath!
A very DEAR friend made it for me!
And I just cherish it!
YOWZA! Crooked frame... crooked door valance...
What was I on???

and somedays... I just feel just like this...
"If I only had a brain!"
I love scare-crows too!
And unfortunately, this little guy got a bit wet with all our rain the past few days!
But I still LOVE him!
awe.... I love fall....
Have I told you that before????

Well, it's true.

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Be sure to look around - I KNOW PROMISE you won't be disappointed! There is just soooo much... to take in..... and dream about.... and wish for... and OH MY!!!!
But, I can't promise you won't be OVERWHELMED!


  1. Your bench is adorable...I hate when I can't find something...drives me nutz!!

  2. Copy away girlfriend.....It is so simple...I use a lot of dollar tree items and just stick them in...just think, when you take it all off...the tree is ready for Christmas decorations!!

  3. The bench is just so darn cute! That was a great save. I'm a new follower and hope you might follow back. Love, love, love the Christmas music!
    :) CAS

  4. How cute, your bench looks amazing! Your bench and door display look really cute, well done! Thanks for linking up to my party. Try and link up again this Thursday! =)

    By the way, I LOVEEEEE the music on your blog!
    Have a great week! XOXO ~Liz


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