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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh me!!!! OH MY!!!!!

Well - last count down - we had 10 weeks!!! NOW..... we are down to 8!

HOLY COW!!! I think my PANIC button just came on and oh I think I need some heart meds!!!! LOL!!

Before I continue - I must apologize..... for missing week 9! I'm so sorry - but then again - maybe it is just "I" that I let down - and if that is the case... I think I'll survive....
We had a small STINKY catastrophe! And honestly.... I really did not PLAN on this! I did not ALLOW time for such CRAP! And yes! I AM MAD! GRRRRRR!
But... it is what it is.... I suppose! DANG-IT!
Our basement flooded and ruined.... yep! ruined the newly refinished, newly carpeted, newly painted, newly decorated bedrooms..... and.... all this while trying to keep on track for my PERFECT Christmas season..... SO... NOT... IN...THE PLAN!!!! I'm trying not to get depressed about it.... I'm trying to press forward..... and with all that... it kinda put a DAMPER on decorating for my favorite time of the year! FALL!!!!! I LOVE FALL!!! I love the colors, the brisk, crisp, fresh air, the smells.... I just love FALL!!! And... now I have something else added to my plate... without permission I will add! I just hate being SERVED something I did not ask for... let alone ... DO NOT LIKE! :) But... I guess I'm gonna have to learn to like it~as my daughter keeps telling me... "one step at a time mom, one step at a time...." I feel like I'm dodging LANDSLIDES though..... oh well - tis what it is..... no time for PITTY-PARTAYS! Gotta get a move on this 8 weeks to making Christmas count! I'm gonna do it - I am! I am!

So.... let's just back up a tad to week 10 -
What did we get accomplished?
Ten week countdown consisted mostly of LISTS!!! (I do love my LISTS!!) :)
So... how did we do???
I'm surely spending more than 15 minutes a day on Christmas... but I'm hoping that means I'm being PRODUCTIVE.... (not feeling so much like it at the moment...)
Got my grocery list, menu's planned, finalized the "GIFT" list, still need to double check on the decoration item list - and I have a feeling it is going to be a bit difficult with the flooding issue than I was wanting - card list done, stamps purchased, neighbor, teacher and other gift lists done and ready to roll.... AND.... I'm afraid to say - but I think that the CLEANING schedule is just going to have to wait a week or two.... too many messes to clean up before I can even think of organizing a cleaning schedule.

Well - I hope you are on your way and doing better than I - I've got a LOT of catchin' up to do in the next 4 weeks.... because come Novemeber - it is FINAL TOUCHES month - baking, regrouping, prepping etc.... so I really have to ACCOMPLISH a lot this month!

Week 8 Count Down -
Completing neighbor gifts, friends, teachers, co-workers, home teaching families, visiting teaching families and any one else gifts... it is the plan! I CAN DO THIS!!!! Friday night is gather it up and Saturday day is FINISH IT UP! ... ok at least by midnight on Tuesday the 11th.... :)

And... I'm thinking next week I'll host a "LINKY" partay for all those FABULOUS ideas you all are creating for neighbor, teacher, friend, etc... gifts.... Anyone interested in doing so? I KNOW I would LOVE to see what you are all up to!!! So, COME ON!!! Let's get rollin'......

EIGHT weeks on the down hill!!!!

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