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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I ran back to Wal-mart and purchased 4 more canning jar holders.... 
(all that was left anyway... :( ... someone BEAT me to it!!!) 

but still.... OH SO EXCITED!!!!!

Just had to let you know..... I'll get working on putting them together and be returning with some pictures... 

Remember these are for the MEN on my list! AND BOY! Are they on MY list!!!! :) 

I really need some more though.... I think I'm going to have to start calling some stores! OH crap! Did I say that out-loud...... shoot!  

I did some searching on line - I found a few that were for just ONE jar... the BIG QUART size jar.... I'm really thinking that would be a FUN neighbor, friend, home teacher, visiting teacher, boss, teacher type gift.... hmmmm... there I go again... Thinking out loud!!!!  SHEESH!!!  oh well... I'm happy to share - if you will too! If anyone finds a bargain - please share it!!!! We all need a little bargain every now and again - right???? 


I'm going to let my fingers do the walking... about right now...... 
BYE!  :)

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